Work Experience Essay Samples

Published: 2018-02-12
Work Experience Essay Samples
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Experienced workers

Like most employers, I would prefer hiring experienced workers to inexperienced workers. The efficiency of any organization is dependent on the amount of input of each worker. Hiring experienced workers is imperative in increasing organizational efficiency because they are well equipped in handling tasks. Moreover, experienced workers are more dedicated compared to inexperienced workers; this is essential because it reduces production costs significantly which as an employer, is good news. Unlike the inexperienced workers, the old experienced employees are always loyal and take pride in their jobs. Most experienced workers are satisfied with their jobs making them focused in their activities.

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Experienced workers also possess exemplary communication skills which are important in workplaces, good communication skills among the employees is significant in improving productivity. Inexperienced workers require a lot of training to help them catch up with the trends in the company. Therefore, the experienced workers are better in understanding the workplace ethics and how to solve issues at workplaces. In addition, experienced workers are good leaders; they are reliable compared to the younger colleagues. Being a good leader improves communication and enhances job satisfaction.

In conclusion, experienced employees are the best compared to the young and inexperienced employees. Hiring experienced workers help reduce production costs and improve the productivity of the organization. Moreover, Experienced workers are good at communication which is the foundation of workplace ethics.

Workers' compensation

According to my perspective, i would prefer hiring an experienced worker at a higher salary. First, with experienced workers there is higher efficiency. It is said "time is money" and i agree that this demand can be successfully met by an experienced worker. Another aspect is that with experienced workers, there is less incidences of accidents in a workshop. Accidents at workplace causes financial loss to the company involved due to treatment and insuarance of workers and also damage caused. This can be easily prevented if the workers are highly experienced and are able to avoid mistakes that would lead to accidents.

Moving on, companies have realized that prosperity of a business depends on the level of experience the workers have. It would therefore be in my good interest to hire experienced workers and ensure success of my business. These experienced employees tends to have talents gained over their experience. These talents are crucial in determining success of my business.

As far as saving my enterprise expense is concerned, a lower salary is a nice deal for inexperienced worker. With all factors considered, the advantages of hiring an experienced employee are many and i would rather higher an experienced employee at a higher salary.

Work experience examples

As an employer, I would prefer an experienced worker at a higher salary because I value service delivery and quality work. It is sometimes hard to find an experienced worker but when one is lucky to get one, then duties and responsibilities becomes easier to administer. Experienced workers are dedicated to their work and are committed in what they do. The costs that would have been incurred while training an inexperienced worker are offset. in that case, the experienced workers are easier to train as they can almost effortlessly capture the concepts.

The years of experience they gained elsewhere helps them to be consistent which is quite essential to avoid breakdown. The other benefit of employing an experienced worker is the fact that they risks are reduced which could have affected inexperienced worker. This mainly applies to risky ventures such as dealing with chemicals, electronics and other hazardous materials. The higher salary paid to the experienced worker may in the long run be offset by the level of output by the individual.

The experienced worker is less likely to be involved in other workplace politics that may affect their ability to deliver. Unlike the inexperienced worker who is motivated by higher salary, the experienced worker can be motivated by involving them in challenging tasks. This offers a space for growth and expansion for the organization, in other words, there is more depth with the engagement of experienced worker. The organizations are operating in a competitive environment and therefore experience becomes a fundamental element that gives the organization an upper hand over its competitors.

The experienced worker can easily fit into the organizational culture and be promoted to managerial position where they can assist the subordinates. The experienced worker often has a rich network of professionals and clients thus there is a higher propensity that they will add the same to the organization. Whenever there is an emergency case, for example when a worker dies, the recruitment of experienced worker can ensure that there is continuity in the workplace environment.

The experienced worker may motivate other employees to work hard in order to be promoted or hone their skills. The experienced workers may introduce new and better ways of operating in the organization and probably reduce the overall costs. The workers are aware of their abilities, potential and even weaknesses and they are therefore able to specialize in one area as well as avoiding trial and error in their activities. When hiring them, it is easy to track their experience in other organizations when they were previously engaged. The experienced workers are more keen to details and they tend to be honest about their abilities. When introducing something new, the experienced worker is able to understand and learn faster. In conclusion, the experienced worker does their work efficiently for their pride and to feel that they have achieved their best. For the reasons identified, it would be quite imperative to employ experienced worker at a higher salary than employing inexperienced worker at a lower salary.

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