Medical Essay Sample: VAC Vs. Wet and Dry

Published: 2017-08-11 15:03:14
Medical Essay Sample: VAC Vs. Wet and Dry
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Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) has been advocated for in most treatment institutions in the post-acute care of patients with pressure injuries. Recent the evaluations between the comparison of NPWT and Wet-to-moist dressings were conducted to discern the most effective treatment methods between the two. This was for determining which channel of wound treatments was most effective in healing a patients wound over a short period. A population of 24 patients was randomized for a six-week period and treated with either NPWT or Wet-to-moist dressings to determine the efficacy of each treatment method. The results indicated that 64% of patients wounds treated using NPWT healed at a faster rate in comparison to wet-to-moist dressings by its catalyzing of granulation tissue formation on the wound.

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Moreover, by utilizing NPWT intervention of chronic wounds healing, the results indicated that applying the method reduced wound infections in the patients in comparison to wet-to-moist dressings. Besides, in the treatment of casualties with severe ulcers pressure, the method indicated that the aforementioned treatment channel reduced acute care hospitalizations of the patients. In sterna wound cases, 18 patients (51%) were treated via utilization of traditional twice-daily dressing changes and the remaining percentage of patients (17) treated with NPWT to establish the efficacy of NPWT channel via observing debridement and definitive closure of their wounds. Hence, it was determined that patients treated with NPWT methods experienced a shorter gap of debridement and enclosure within a period of 6.2 days while the latter clique experienced 8.5 days.

Cost and period of healing versus conventional therapies were conducted to determine whether chronic wounds and pressure ulcers in casualties reduced their cost of treatment and whether they heal faster in comparison to conventional therapies. Therefore, results of 1032 medical home patients with 1170 stage III and IV 22.2cm2 trunk and tronchanteric wounds were rendered NPWT treatment. Therefore, the 22.2cm2 wound would take a period of 247 days to heal when subjected to conventional therapies and cost $23,465. On the other hand, treatment of patients with NPWT took 97 days to heal and attracted a total cost of $14,546. This depicted that NPWT treatment is an economical and efficacious mode for a variety of chronic wounds. Of more significant, NPWT modal treatment was proved effective in the treatment of high-energy soft tissues wounds in a war struck settings rendering 0% infection and 0% complications to the patients.

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