Paper Example. User-Generated Content Marketing

Published: 2023-03-30
Paper Example. User-Generated Content Marketing
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UGC is any content such as images, videos, reviews, texts, and any other material that is made by people instead of trademarks. Hence in most cases, most of the brands share their user-generated content on their own social media websites, in different marketing channels, and on their accounts. However, Instagram is the central podium for user-generated content for most brands. In most cases, users post photos of products from different brands to their Instagram followers and fans, therefore, boosting their market in the process. Thus this paper explains and summarises the approaches and highlights the findings on how to integrate UGC in creating value in business through marketing.

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There are so many reasons why UGC is essential in terms of branding and marketing approaches that it cannot be left behind. These include:

  • UGC enhances validity as most of the clients are likely to view UGC contents as genuine brands rather than content-generated brands. Therefore, fostering the brands through acknowledgment as there are very few brands that tend to create authentic brands.
  • Creating trust among the consumers is very crucial since consumers will want to know what their test before purchasing. Trust is vital in any situation as most people like to get recommendations from their friends and relatives. Furthermore, over 70% of the consumers are thought to trust online reviews of other customers over certain products and brands.
  • Driving the purchasing decisions of the customers is another beneficial aspect of UGC on the influence of consumer's choices. According to what most people say (over 80%), user-generated contents have a very significant impact on purchasing power, particularly in decision making. Hence stories and posts of UGC that are shared over Instagram with different highlights often attract more customers, therefore, influencing their purchase.
  • Despite the importance of user-generated content, there are three main strategies of using UGC across social media platforms.
  • Creation of brand desires: sharing and posting of the UGC arouse affection of people over the brand. For instance, when it comes to lifestyle or tourism, sharing contents of different destinations will attract more likes, and most of the people will develop the urge to visit that particular place.
  • Inspiring loyalty among consumers towards a particular brand is also an important thing. Therefore creating a lasting relationship with your customers over certain brands will earn you several sales for an extended period. Hence, people will tend to share user-generated content over the brand since most of them made acknowledges the brand from their first purchase that they made, which was exceptional to them. Therefore, making them be frequent customers.
  • The creation of a content library over the user-generated content that you want to share over the social media platforms is essential in the determination of the material to share. A content library over the social media will provide the full information of what is in the store. Therefore creating awareness to your fans and consumers.

However, the best way of sharing UGC is by asking for permission before sharing content. Asking for permissions will assist them to know that you have tied them in the hashtag and therefore minimize cases of annoying your favorite followers. Crediting the owner of the content by acknowledging them in return as a way of appreciation is very important. One should also be transparent about the content you are searching for or what you may have missed. It is also essential to investigate what to share as some of your consumers may be using your services and products in the wrong way that you are up to. Therefore knowing what to share may preserve the perception of consumers over the brand.

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