Essay Sample on General Electric Corporate Culture

Published: 2019-05-22
Essay Sample on General Electric Corporate Culture
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General Electric Company Organization Values

According to Rhoades, (2010), an organization value is the ethical compass of a business procedure or principles guiding the conduct of an organization setting expressing the veracity in which personage and organization believe. General Electric Company is an integrated well spread financial infrastructure service oriented company. However, there is a great variation in the services of this company. For many years, the significance of organizational value was emphasized and discussed more and more often and therefore, people began to single-mind on its influence on the organizational growth and development based on many perceptions for instance employees, clients and vendors. Values, combined with their distinct performances, set the slightest anticipation of behavior for everybody in the organization, and assist to place the groundwork for the organization culture. The main aim of this paper is to analyze the organization values of general Electric Company, discuss its organization structure, indicate the information collection and sharing practice, and outline the physical and verbal behavior manifested in the organization.

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General Electric Company was integrated in 1892 as a well-spread financial and infrastructure service oriented company. The services and product of this company varies from oil and gas production equipment, power generation, aircraft engines and domestic appliances to health imaging, consumer and business funding and industrial products. The General Electric Company runs its subdivisions via its eight businesses, -founded on the bazaars they aid: Oil and Gas, Power and Water, Energy Management, Healthcare, Aviation, Transportation, GE Capital and Appliances and Lighting. The Firm runs in roughly 175 states. In the year 2011, GE was categorized amongst the fortune five hundred as the twenty sixth biggest companies in America by the criteria of gross revenue and also fourteen most profitable companies. By the year 2012, the company was ranked the fourth biggest internationally amongst the Forbes Global 2000 with additional metrics being considered.

General Electric Company Organization structure

Thomas Edison founded General Electric Company Organization. From the time when Thomas Edison founded the company in 1876, the firm has progressively developed into an extremely productive business and one of the biggest businesses in the world. Chief Executive Officer Jeff Emmet states, "at the upper, we just do not run GE as a great business but we run it as a great partnership, in where every authority can produce an input not just for their work, but also to the wholebusiness" (GE, 2010). The firm erudite to heed to its authority on all heights, which has always kept the firm, linked to the day-to-day requirements of the customers and employee. GE is a divisional organization in which a divisional structure is more decentralized with each division having its senior management team. For instance, the chart showing organizational structure of the GE reflects that each of its division has a president and a chief executive officer who in turn also have a deputy president. Grounded on this divisional structure, General Electric Company can simply contain a service or product structure found within it.

Information sharing practice

Information sharing practice with an organization is an essential value that should be inculcated by all companies. At General Electric Company, emphasis on information sharing is always a priority. In addition, it is a common value of the company in sharing vendor, pricing data and contract across the company as an essential aspect and therefore, this is why the company is strongly committed in the information sharing practices. In fact, the companys sourcing, contract and purchasing data bases are at the heart of this process of information sharing and this is a practice that has been in place for about twelve years. It has considered aggregating all vital GE sourcing data from any of its sub divisions, whether capital or industrial everywhere all over the globe. The company is so open such that through the databases, the GE managers have the ability to oversee how other sectors like the aircraft engine division the salary amount they pay their employees in a given country. They also do comparisons with the salary range of what lighting divisions are paying their workers in that same country or even in another country.

The company also has magnificent additional information sharing plan which makes most managers from sub divisions to conduct long term risk ratings and their analyses and also to have the opportunity to analyze average terms, vendor data and other payable days as well. Information sharing is one of the great challenges that face many organization since one has to know what it is they are sharing and with whom they are sharing it with. Another example when information sharing played a role in GE Company is when one of the leader went out to mine information from another source but with the comprehensive database in the GE Company, the leader had the ability to gather vital information he required around the sub division all over the world. Thus, this is essential for the company, permitting it to see all the pricing, data, terms and conditions before making own purchasing decision.

The final way in which this company employs to enhance information sharing is the old fashioned monthly good practice sharing periods which is done to supplement the essential database information sharing method. During these sessions, the sourcing leader collects both face to face and virtually to share the latest information on deals, contracts and pricings (Donald P. Cushman, 2012). For instance if a leader of division in a country A has contract to purchase a given widget in country B and the sourcing managers have not been alerted then there are greater possibilities that they will learn this kind of contacts from these meetings. And to my surprise, they seem to acknowledge that this old fashion of face to face information sharing seem to function best in this time and age. The method makes sense to the company since sharing best practices is an integral to General Electric Company culture. Finally information sharing is a vital aspect the company is very much vigilant about, sharing contractual terms and pricing outside the General Electric Company and in some instances even inside the GE depending on the concealment article included in a particular agreement.

Business or Corporate Cultures

Business or corporate cultures can be defined as the common values of the organization, which grows an understanding of both the business opportunities and obliges. Equally, managers do consider corporate culture as an efficient regulatory tool that can have an influence on individuals believes, thoughts and values. The robust corporate culture provides the organization with a perfect and unequivocal viewpoint about corporate. On the other hand, the scrawny corporate culture often links to no perfect premeditated management. In simple words, workers do not have the ability of know how to carry out commercial in the work environment, and the organization as well lack the characters for customers. Applying the extensive range of literatures and examples, the significance of organizational culture to the indulgent of premeditated value is analyzed censoriously. Organizational culture comprises of organizational ethics, working habits and beliefs. GE has to deal with issues such as employment policies, working hours, type to generate products and steps in appointing managers. What enables GE is a culture that implements diversity as an endless source of knowledge openings, a warehouse of notions whose richness and breadth is unusual in a business world. At the helm of GE organization culture is the knowledge of understanding that a corporate capability to learn and transform that new knowledge into action very quickly. In fact in America, General Electric regards culture as an innovation aspect and this is a unifying tool for their business unit around the globe.

A robust corporate culture will normally appeal the clients and make devotion to the company. For company partnerships, in robust corporate culture, they must perform their finest to incorporate the corporate culture. Organizational culture impactson ways that decisions are made and even feelings. After the analysis of the business culture, we realize that the organizational culture can be imitated in employees way of thinking in the organization. Additionally, the corporate with strong culture concentrates on the clear framework systematically and benefits in long term. And the consistency of these individual differences enlarges the organizational customer service. Additionally, unhealthy organizational culture harms the organizational management. For the corporate, the philosophy should be evaluated and reformed in order to expand its action.

Physical, behavioral and verbal manifestation

Physical, behavioral and verbal manifestation, have influence on this company. The companys behavior once established, it should be cultivated and maintained progressively since the effects can be as follows; it can reinforces goals of the GE by aligning what it does and how it is performed (Silvio De Bono, 2011). It also supports skill development within GE by fostering a surrounding that appreciates advancement and learning. Finally, it also helps in communicating the GE company brand through the actions of the workers. Therefore, behavioral, physical and verbal manifestation exists in all organizations and whether they are strongly maintained or just left to chance matters a lot since they can be considered asset or liability. They are often the difference between long term achievement and short term gains.

Power relationships and structure

Power relationships and structure have some minute influence in the GE company decision making process since the organization is designed in such a way that the sub divisions has the own presidents and chief executive officers. The structure is so organized such the flow of information will never conflict each other in any decision making process in the GE company. Top management of the company of course has stronger power when it comes to vital issues of the company.

General Electric Company employs many devices to collect information; there is the use of mobile web to gather information. The information collected is used by the company to the experience with the application and this is subsequently used to improve the overall recital of the organization including growth of novel products, features and services.

In conclusion, organization values are importance aspects that every company should embrace at all time to uphold the organization culture, behaviors and ethics. The General Electric Company has inculcated all these aspects and this has enabled it reach where it is currently.


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