Free Essay about Urbanization and Urban Environment

Published: 2019-10-08
Free Essay about Urbanization and Urban Environment
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The process of urban growth and the need to enhance the lifestyle of the American community has been associated with the sprawl effect, which has defined the housing and infrastructural patterns. The concept of sprawl in the USA has been interpreted in different ways and scholars have affirmed that there is the need to consider the nature of decisions made by authorities regarding the urban planning process and growth. This except examined the notion of Subdivide and Conquer as well as outlining the scenario of sprawl in the USA.

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Subdivide and Conquer is a term that has been used to represent the effect of sprawl in the United States. The phrase explains the segregation effect that has been caused by the prevalence of the urban development pattern witnessed in the state since the World War 1. The focus on connecting places with roads to encourage accessibility within the US by linking the urban and the suburb areas has been associated with the isolation of the American families and social capacities (Gersh & Congdon, 2010). Most of the citizens are now confined to working places, schools, and traveling. Therefore, the American community is comprised of subdivision confined to family circles and limited social activities. Such a scenario has contributed to the little time the citizens have for other aspects of the state engagement.

It is essential to note that some factors have favored the dominance of sprawl in the US. The factors explain why the notion has been in existence for an extended period. Increased ownership of the automobiles has encouraged the urban sprawl witnessed in the US. The cost of housing has also contributed to the migration of the working class to seek cheaper houses within the suburban regions. The need for space within the residential places, which is associated with the suburb area, has encouraged the sprawl development. Moreover, the effect of traffic congestion has enhanced the prevalence of urban sprawl in the country. Government policies have also helped the sprawl process such as the subsidized and quality suburb education and housing (NCPA, 2003).

Moreover, sprawl has improved the quality of life since most families are now living in their detached houses as compared to flats. Such as a move has enabled individuals to have privacy and enjoy a good environment. Safety for families and society as a whole has been improved. Moreover, access to recreational space has enhanced the social experiences. Nevertheless, sprawl has caused declined metropolitan population, increased pollution due to increased automobiles, and reduced the open area that is used to construct houses and roads. Furthermore, sprawl has been associated with the declined human and integration capacity among American since most families are segregated and confined to learning institutions, workplaces, and limited community concerns (Gersh & Congdon, 2010). Other notable effects include increased water consumption, loss of wildlife habitat, increased obesity risks, and escalated racial disparity.

In conclusion, the effects of sprawl are significant in the US society and individuals are concerned with the prevalence of the phenomenon on the social and economic welfare on a long-term basis. The problem has been linked to the reduction of the green and open space, increased pollution, and segregation among the community. The extent to which American integrate has been noted to be influenced by the prevalence of sprawl effect. Although the aspect of sprawl has been associated with negativity, some notable advantages have emanated to ascertain why the authority chose such an approach.


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