Free Essay on Understanding Sexual Orientation

Published: 2020-06-10
Free Essay on Understanding Sexual Orientation
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Many people for quite long have marked sexual orientation as a psychological or mental issue. Scientists took it upon them to research for any biological connection between sexuality and genetics. Several theories developed on the subject, and one of the latest studies conducted is highlighted in this article review. The article indicates that there is a pre-determined genetic structure that influences sexual orientation in humans before birth. The title of the article being reviewed is The Science behind a More Meaningful Understanding of Sexual Orientation, published on June 24, 2015.

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The write-up states of existence of evidence to prove that sexual orientation is biological, and not psychological. Existing research on genetics and sexuality has never been sustained before. The writer states that homosexuality transpires through epigenetics, which is a mechanism that highlights the influence of the environment on the genes. New methods were used to distinguish the molecular mechanisms, also referred to as epi-marks. The epi-marks are used to observe the environmental effect on gene expression. According to the research, the X female chromosome can be used to determine sexual orientation. Epi-marks carried from one generation to another create a predisposition to sexual orientation. In female genetics, women possess an inactive X chromosome randomly switched off. Research conducted indicated that the X chromosome in mothers with homosexual male children becomes skewed; meaning that the switching off is no longer random.

Environmental factors like drugs, pesticides, chemicals, and toxic compounds are potential epi-mark creators. They handle gene alteration and hormonal interference in pregnant women. They can potentially alter the sex hormones level developing, thus influencing the hormones activities. Further research is yet to be conducted to determine the impact of the environmental factors on brain development in association with sexuality.

The article refutes the evolutionary Darwinian paradox that discredits same-sex unions as promoting distinction of humanity. The writer argues that, if this were the case, homosexuality as an orientation would slowly disappear, yet their prevalence is increasing over the years. Research is yet to establish a direct link between environmental factors and gene modification. However, the complex exchange between two factors acts as a determinant. Homosexual is therefore not a disorder, but a product of gene mutation.

The major points highlighted are that sexual orientation is not a mental disorder but determined by different biological aspects like gene alteration as a result of interactions with the environment. The strength of this article is that it provides a new angle in the sexual orientation discovery field. It is also written in simple language, with concepts that are easy to understand without having to know the human anatomy. A major weakness in the article is that information provided is based on assumptions that are not yet fully conclusive. Science is all about facts. Until assumptions can be scientifically proven, the research remains non-scientific. The article also lacks enough information to support the topic. Most of the data given is stated from a general view, without digging deeper to the actual hypothesis. In my opinion, the article is yet to convince me that sexual orientation is biological. Although I believe that environment factors play a huge role in affecting the genetic composition and mutation, I am yet to see the link between genetics and sexuality. Therefore, my stand remains neutral on the sexual orientation matter. Further research needs to be conducted on the topic and supporting evidence given.

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