Free Essay Example: Medicine Field of My Choice

Published: 2019-06-21
Free Essay Example: Medicine Field of My Choice
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Health sciences and dentistry are the fields where am much interested since I have seen many countries and underserved communities around the world and this has inspired me to be in this area to make a difference. I am from East African Country, Ethiopia where people and communities are encompassed by enormous medical and nutritional problems. Since my childhood, I have developed the interest of been in this field and moreover my dad and mom are both in the area of medicine.

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Since my childhood, I developed the interest in becoming a doctor especially from my parents dedicated in this field where they have contributed to the betterment of community health, and this positively challenged me to be part of this area of medicine. I have seen that Health professional are highly appreciated because of their noble spirit in saving lives as well as giving hope and bringing joy to the patients and their families. I have also observed that this field of medicine is ever changing and fast growing, and this has even attracted me more.

My decision to join medicine field arose when I participated in a tour that was organized by my school to a humanitarian organization named Mother Teresas Mission of Charity in Ethiopia where for the first time I saw hundreds of disabled children in a sanatorium. In this hospital many children were disabled with congenital diseases, others were affected by birth trauma, malnutrition, and infectious diseases. I saw most of them did not have parents, and, therefore, all required a day to day care by volunteers working in the organization among which I was one of them. Their sufferings and the vast extent of the problem deeply touched me.

Today, I am an assured person and a student deeply devoted to advance my training in the field of medicine and health that allow me to assist in addressing or improving some of the more pressing health concerns using my medical and research skills in the future. I will continue to grow as a physician not only in my knowledge base and expertise, but also in my personal associate that authenticate compassion, integrity, and respect to my patients. The medical education and practice are not just to survive but is also a field to thrive. To protect the public health, today and the future I am are ready to face more exciting challenges that are evolved in this area of medicine. With this in my mind, I have dedicated all my interest and energy to become a medical doctor and pursue in the field of clinical practice and research.

I am confident to become a competent doctor who is aware and familiar with the process of learning and ready prepared for the challenges and rewards that await every student in the course of study especially in this field of medicine. If I am admitted to your program, it will be a great opportunity for me, and I will gain knowledge to this career, and I will be prepared to become one of the most distinguished medical students. In this way, I will be in the forefront to fight the burden of diseases both in developed and underserved populations throughout the US and the whole world at large. This will quench my deep desire to serve people who are affected by various diseases problems that doctors solve.

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