Paper Example - The Romantic Reaction

Published: 2023-09-10
Paper Example - The Romantic Reaction
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I would define Romanticism as a revolution or movement that functioned in contrary to the aristocratic political and social customs of the Age of Enlightenment. Its fundamental idea was that reason cannot elucidate everything. Therefore, in reaction to this fad of rationality, Romantics examined the more profound and often subliminal appeals, which led them to view things with an unalike spin compared to the Enlightenment intellectuals. The movement legitimized the imaginations of individuals as a critical authorization, which allowed freedom from standard concepts of form in art. For instance, these intellectuals showed irrationality and ignorance by condemning the Middle Ages to be Dark Ages. Conversely, the Romantics idealized the Middle Ages as a period of adventure and spiritual death. Additionally, Romanticism embraces that pure logic cannot be sufficient to offer answers to all questions. In spite of an established French influence, this movement seems to have been prevalent in England and Germany, principally as a reaction to the French Enlightenment. The emphasis of Romanists which was based on self-expression and individualism intensely influenced the thinking of America more so the transcendentalism of Emerson.

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I believe that Romantics searched for connection with the natural world as they viewed nature to be pure and uncorrupted and, therefore, nearly spiritual. Generally, nature is a theme that has dominated the Romantics and it helps them to perfectly explore oneself. It was actually, a fairly overriding one that has subjugated a very protuberant role in the poetry world of Romanticsa. The appearance of the natural setting has a potent and powerful element that helps to enshrine the role of nature in the life of this movement. Romantics believed that reason and logic could never solve problems that appear sometimes in life but instead, it made it worse. Therefore, they choose to restore human being’s relationships with nature. Most of these Romantics held that human beings were born good and pure but corrupted by society. Thus, nature became a life symbol without society, which turned out to be a great life. Furthermore, nature turns out to be a place where people can find pure comfort and happiness. During the Romantics earlier days, the love of nature could be compared to a response of what the dominant social order uncovered. The neoclassical society was diverse and adapted life occurred in the urban areas. To break from that life and start a new realm must have been really powerful and liberating. From that point thus, I believe that Romantics’ love of nature acquired both response and statement forms.

There are several parallels that I could connect between Romanticism and today’s experience. One of these parallels is religion. During the Romantic times, individuals seemed to be fascinated by the natural world and their masterworks replicated a basic belief in religions. Many recognize supreme being, like God, for the formation of the universe and creating humanity. That fact can be said to be a parallel experience as many people in today’s lives also believe in the same. It is also a normal experience in our modern life to find diverse societies who believe that the natural world brings hardships such as storms and sicknesses that in most cases result in death. Romanticists believed in the notion deeply to a point where they were ending up performing some traditional rituals as a way to end the hardships.

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