Free Essay Sample: Understanding of a Strategic Organization

Published: 2023-01-26
Free Essay Sample: Understanding of a Strategic Organization
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According to Andrea's understanding on strategic organizational direction, she describes the organization's ability to recognize the value of their customers that way the will utilize all the available resources to ensure that the goals of the institution are accomplished. Every institution, regardless of the size, should know their place within the market and should have an understanding of the operation and competition that exists within the market. For the company to survive and thrive in the market, they should define the mission and aim, establish targets, and formulating strategies that will lead to the success of the company's mark.

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The strategic organizational direction should be a continuous process since the situations tend to change over time, and the strategies applied also need to evolve. For an organization to be able to sustain and succeed within the competitive business environment, it means that they have been able to bind their customers for an extended period through their strategy of being more attractive than the competitors (Blythe, & Martin, 2019).

Richards reply

According to Richard's understanding of the strategic organization, is that if the customers and the employees believe in the company, they will gain and maintain their customers. It should be understood that the company has to establish and maintain its customers through its services and not the other way around. If a company does not produce services and products that are not satisfactory to the customers, then the customers will automatically change their suppliers, and they would not believe in the brand that the company is promoting. Henceforth, the organization should ensure that they formulate strategies in a way that they will package their brand that the customers have faith in the brand even before buying it (Allison, 2017).

The business model that has been formulated by the company tends to be the company's blueprint since it comprises of approaches on how the company is going to gain profit, how they will be able to resources and processes used to create value for their customers. The strategic management process tends to consist of five stages, whereby the first three stages are the strategic plan of the organization. Step five tends to be the evolving strategy whereby the organization monitors the various changes that arise within the company (Gamble, Thompson, & Peteraf, 2016). The organization reaches the Strategic inflection points when the circumstances have substantially changed. When the given stage has been reached, the management should make necessary radical changes.

Author's main thread

According to gamble and Thompson setting objectives of the company tends to be an essential part when crafting a given strategy. As proposed by Gamble and Thompson, financial goals are imperative since they relate to the growth of revenue, profitability, balanced figures, and many others. The financial objectives tend to be lagging behaviors since previous decisions influence them. Strategic objectives also referred to leading indicators are related to competitive vitality and marketing (Pike, 2015).


I tend to disagree when Gamble and Thompson suggest that some planned strategy elements tend to become irrelevant and are abandoned. According to my understanding no strategy should be rendered as irrelevant since the moment it was proposed was targeting a particular problem in the market hence, if the company stretches the idea more it will be relevant not necessarily at present but in the future.


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