Free Essay Sample on My Dream House

Published: 2023-01-08
Free Essay Sample on My Dream House
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Plainness is magnificence. That is the conventional view of many people when explaining what they desire. As for me, I do not like to settle for something simple; simplicity is not my thing when it gets to matter of my dream house. My house would be simple but in a unique way. My house would assume traditional Chinese architectural design, which is majorly timberwork, making distinct and simple; appealing to the eye at a simple glance.

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My dream is to have a big stand-alone house surrounded by a big garden, filled with trees. I love spending most of my time in house, and I value serenity. Hence my dream house would be situated outside the city, I believe in the suburbs of the town, people are less, and that is where I can find true peace and happiness. Thus, my dream house should have nature which denotes my spiritual world and personality with its situation but also inner and outer design. My dream house will be a 2-story house with a basement and a beautiful garden which includes a swimming pool while basement will be a warehouse and parking slots.

There will be more than enough space, on the first floor to ensure the living room, dining room, and kitchen will be spacious since that is where I will be spending most of the time with my family and friends. The living room will assume Minimalist Living Room Idea, I assure with such design make the house crafted well- designed, which is appropriate for enjoying family time and entertaining loved ones. I will tone the first floor with a blend of golden brown and crown blue theme to bring design aesthetic that has been eying since my childhood accompanied with Lawson couch type of sofa. Then the dining room and kitchen would be adjacent to each other. The kitchen would be well equipped with all modern kitchen equipment such as refrigerators, microwaves, woven, among others. The dining room would be filed with wooden dining table and chairs.

On the second floor, it will comprise of four rooms and three bathrooms. One of the room will be the master's bedroom, the other one room for my children, the two-room will be used as guest's bedroom and the other one study room. The study room will have a wide window to give a reader a spectacular view of the garden full of trees and plants to allow plenty of refresh air into the room. While the master's bedroom will have a balcony to allow me the comfort of enjoying the sunshine without moving to the garden.

My dream house is unique and simple at the same time. House with all the above descriptions, I am confident can give comfort and happiness not only to me but also my family. I select it to be designed majorly out of wood; as timber product nowadays joints the qualities of natural resources with the high performance of contemporary building materials. Wood offers innovative design, cost, speed, and resource efficacy, health and, wellbeing, and provides a channel to a low carbon economy. This completes my dream house.

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