The Mysteries of Udolpho

Published: 2019-05-23 22:39:56
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The novel The Mysteries of Udolpho is one of the most captivating stories of all time. The novel was written in the 18th century and has remained a relevant piece of art to the modern day. Emily, the main character, emanates from a rural background where their resources are diminishing. After the death of her mother, she moves to the Pyrenees with her father who shares the same interests about nature. During their journey the meet Valancourt, another nature enthusiast, and the two fall in love. Emilys father succumbs to a long illness and Emily moves to her aunt Madam Cheron, a bitter and selfish woman. Her aunt marries a wealthy man Montoni, and together they make life very difficult for Emily. Emily has to fight to attain everything she wants in life, her freedom, her love and her fathers inheritance. Her love for nature helps her fight all these battles successfully. One of the most common features of the novel is the use of vivid descriptions of nature and landscapes Emily lives. Nature provides her an inspiration to fight her battles and contributes significantly to her victory in her quest.Nature is Emilys tool of creating lasting bonds with the people around her. Nature creates a strong relationship between Emily and her father. After the death of her mother, they both travel through some of the greatest natural sceneries in the Pyrenees. This scenery helps her create a great bond between the two and that helps them get over the death of their mother. Through nature, the two bond and can escape the reality of their fading resources. Nature enables them create such a bond that allows them go through the rough time depending on each other. Even in death nature remains a bond that connects the two (Radcliffe, 601). Their love for nature leads them to find Valancourt, who falls in love with Emily. Their bond is so strong that it ensures the hardships of their relationship and end up getting married. In Valancourts absence, Emily uses nature to ignite the feeling of love and restrain from other serious suitors like Count Morano, who enjoys the support of her uncle Montoni and waits for Valancourt.Secondly nature helps her overcome her troubles by enforcing her beliefs in the supernatural. Emily has a strong belief in the existence of ghosts and life after death. Nature enhances her beliefs as she relates the beauty of nature to a supernatural deity. This belief helps her overcome her grief and hope for justice during her mistreatment. Through nature, she is inspired by the existence of spirits and finds peace of mind in her times of trouble. She often goes out into the wild to find peace and consolation in times when the in nature. She visits her fathers grave and spends nights there connecting with his spirit (Radcliffe, 476). Nature plays a big part in creating the sensation of the presence of the spirit and enforces her belief in her presence. The winds and the general scope of nature help her belief in the existence of ghosts and help her find consolation for her troubles.Nature plays an irreplaceable role in Emilys life. She connects with nature in such a way that all her feelings emotions and characteristics are expressed through nature. Nature is the slate in which the character traits of the people in the novel are expressed. Emilys relationship with nature helps reveal her true caring nature while Contes cruelty is revealed through his lack of emotion or care for the environment and the creatures in it. Nature not only helps Emily get over the troubles of her life but also helps her discern true love and the characteristics of the people surrounding her.

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