Types of Marriage - Sociology Essay Sample

Published: 2022-03-09
Types of Marriage - Sociology Essay Sample
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Sociology is a study of how humans relate with each and the surrounding institutions Hill& Duncan, Pg 17). Sociology is more diverse such that it covers various social aspects that are within the society. The paper explains the type of marriages and also illustrates the importance of marriage to the community. It also describes the effects of a working mother to the child. More so, it explains how to learn gender roles in the family and how family serves as the battleground for the power. Besides it also focuses on different variation as they appear in today's family in various western countries.

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There are various types of marriages. They include monogamy, polygamy, and group marriage. Monogamy is a form of marriage whereby one man is married to one woman. It is usually rational and widespread in many countries. Many countries are emphasizing and encouraging for monogamous marriage since it is more orderly than other forms of marriage. Monogamy is unbreakable thus it proceeds until death. The two types of monogamy are serial and non-serial monogamy. In polygamy, a man marries more than one woman. In this form of marriage, the woman lives in the different household. Therefore, the man makes visits to every wife at their places. In Group marriage, a group of med unites and decides to marry a group of women. The union benefits the society by creating a strong bond and relationship among the members of the community. It expounds the levels of interactions within and beyond the family members. Besides, it forms a foundation to religious, cultural and civic practices in the society.

Endogamy is an aspect of marriage that involves marrying within a specific class or ethnic group by rejecting individuals from other social groups. Exogamy is an act of marrying an individual who belongs to another clan or ethnic group. Polygamy refers to a situation of marrying two or more spouses. Monogamy refers to a state of marrying only one spouse.

Different findings explain the impact of a working mother to a child. For instance, a working mother initiates better skills through serving as a good role model to the child. Firstly, the child learns on how to be flexible and ready to accept all changes according to the demand of the society. Secondly, the child can adequately understand lessons about the current economics. Besides, they focus on being dependent in future. More so, the kid becomes more organized in all aspects, especially when performing tasks since they incorporate behaviors of being good planners (Hill& Duncan, Pg 17).

We learn gender roles through socializing with other individuals within and outside the family. The process of socializing starts immediately the child is born. As a result, the child can monitor the behaviors of those who are near. Other aspects that help us to learn and understand our gender roles include gender norms and the gender identities. Gender identity enlightens human to know who exactly he/she is. The gender norms are the rules that guide an individual in the right direction concerning his/her behavior in the society. On the other hand, the family serves as the battleground for power such that it serves as a symbol for security in most cases. It offers several meanings that are vital to everyone regardless of the past experiences. Also, the family prepares an individual to face all situations irrespective of the consequences confidently.

There are several variations of the current families in the United States and other western countries. The life of the family seems to be changing in many countries. For example, in the United States, there are increasing rates of divorce and remarriages. As a result, the families are becoming smaller day by day. It means that the number of children in a family is less in today compared with the previous eras. On the other hand, there is a gradual change of circumstances that surround the parenthood. More so, the family structures are changing since even mothers are playing more prominent roles in supporting the families just like the fathers.

In conclusion, there are different forms of marriages. However, the role of the union is to create togetherness and unity within the society. In a family, the occupation of the parent plays a significant impact on the life of a child. Also, the family creates a foundation for a child to become a successful being in future. On the other hand, socialization is the primary aspect that helps an individual to learn and understand genders roles in the family. In the current situation, there are several variations within the families in the United States and also in all other western nations.

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