Free Essay on Entrepreneurship Business Plan - Technological Restaurant

Published: 2019-08-15
Free Essay on Entrepreneurship Business Plan - Technological Restaurant
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What I would like to talk about today is an entrepreneurship business plan with a focus on technology restaurants. The speech will be about a new venture by vuvuzela restaurant. My speech will take only ten minutes and I will really appreciate if you give me your attention.

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Hospitality industry is undergoing a tremendous revolution and one of the latest trend is the technology restaurant. The modern blending technology in the hospitality is still unaffordable to most of the Americans. This prompted to development of vuvuzela dinner, an affordable experience that provides customers with their favourite dinner as they pay at a normal. Vuvuzela dinners is a proposed American technology chain restaurants that is going to serve the Americans.

What services is vuvuzela going to offer to its esteem customers? Vuvuzela chain of restaurants are going to offer all types of conventional American dishes at a typical prices. Premium prices will be charged on a special dished which will require a special preparation. One of the dinner offers is home service delivery of home meal that is only for a proximity of 3 miles at an extra fee of 10 bucks premium.

Development phases of vuvuzela restaurants. The first phase of vuvuzela restaurant is expected to cost $800 million leading to an establishment of the restaurants in 30 USA states. There is plan to include Austria, London and Hong Kong in the first phase. The cash revenue expected after the restaurants have begun operations are 300M for the first year. The second year and its subsequent is expected to have a ROE of 35%. There are plans to launch the second phase after the 5th anniversary.

There are several reasons that are making vuvuzela to take a bold step in venturing into restaurant tech. The five star restaurants in the USA is becoming populated forcing vuvuzela restaurant to come up with ways that will outperform its competitors in the industry. Vuvuzela restaurant is assured of success since the market is already exploited with market leaders such as Sync Dinner a Chinese registered tech restaurant. The diversified customers base that vuvuzela has establish is an upper hand of having the dream of tech restaurant to come true. New York City and Washington DC is usually packed in the evenings and mealtimes, this an assurance that vuvuzela tech restaurant will have a large number of customers to serve.

Vuvuzela tech restaurant being a new venture will be prudent if an analysis of its competitors is done. There are 10 establish competitors of vuvuzela restaurant, all the competitors are located in the USA. Vuvuzela management have established the strengths of its competitors to be: Goodwill and customer loyalty, established in main cities and convenient locations.

The market plan is to have a menu that is diversified to suit all its targeted clientele. The market plan will rely on the 7ps of marketing in order to deliver well to its customers. The company plans to run adverts in the dailies as well as the local TV channels. There will be outsource of the social media services to assist the company in advertising its products. The restaurant have plans to serve in two segments that are the glass free 3D restaurant experience and the private room segment.

Who are the management team? For every venture to succeed then it must have a strong management team. Dr. Alex McKenzie is the founder and is the qualified team leader of the management. Currently the company plans to finance the venture with retained earnings of $75 million cost. It will issue ordinary shares of up to $400M which represent 12.5% costs. Debt acquisition of up to $850 million.

That is an outline of what to be expected on the Vuvuzela restaurant that has plans of taking honors of being the first tech. restaurant with an international outlook.

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