Essay Sample Describing the Two Early Childhood Curriculum

Published: 2022-03-28
Essay Sample Describing the Two Early Childhood Curriculum
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Curricula in early childhood care and education addresses the role and the importance of early childhood curriculum. It is evident that children require a certain type of curriculum that would help them in their development. Different types of childhood curricula have been developed over the years for the purpose of improving the lives of young children. However, it was indicated that not all curriculums enhanced proper growth for children. The type of curriculum established must follow certain guidelines that focus on the quality of teaching. In the early stages of development, children do not require certain topics as the brain is still not yet fully developed. It was observed that some of the curriculum established was not beneficial to the children as it overstrained their minds. One of the most pursued curriculums for children in the 21 century is the homeschool curriculum. It does not necessarily mean that the parents should educate their children. The homeschool curriculum focuses on the proper ways of developing the rights skills and cognitive abilities that would enable the child to adapt to new environments. The money school curriculum for children mostly focuses on those who are at the age of 2-7 years.

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One of the aims of the curriculum is to help children develop cognitive abilities and linguistic abilities. Many children tend to find a problem of how to relate depending on how they are taught. That is why some children are more active than others. During the first 2-7 years of the child, it is very critical as the child tends to emulate most of the things that he/she observes from the environment (McLachlan 23). That is why parents opt to enhance homeschooled curriculum. One of the curriculums that are mostly used at home is the creative curriculum. The main purpose of this type of curriculum is to enhance the growth of the child regarding cognitive abilities (Lavatelli 56). The child is taught on how to relate to other people around him or her. For example, some children are known to be violent when they are young. Such behaviors would not be tolerated when they start attending school. In that case, such children must be homeschooled to avoid such type of behaviors. One of the ways of accomplishing such measure is through making sure that the child knows that being violent is wrong. The creative curriculum also focuses on the way that a child communicates. Between the ages of 2-7 years, a child is likely to develop linguistic skills. In that case, the curriculum will help the child develop the right linguistic abilities (Lavatelli 73). The weakness of this curriculum is the fact that it is limited to linguistic and cognitive abilities.

Developmental Interaction Approach is another Curriculum that homeschooled children are taught. This type of curriculum majorly focuses on the growth and development of the child. At every stage of development, a child is likely to develop new aspects (Lavatelli 77). In that case, it enlightens both the child and the parents on how to ensure that ability is developed in that child. It is important to note that Developmental Interaction Approach majorly focuses on all areas of development. As such, the child is not limited in any way. The strength of this curriculum is that it ensures an all-around development for the child. Regarding weakness, it requires a professional for the child to benefit more.

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