Paper Example on Story of The SS St Louis Ship

Published: 2023-04-09
Paper Example on Story of The SS St Louis Ship
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The article is about the S.S St Louis ship with 937 German passengers that were denied a chance to stop in the shores of Miami by the US government. The passengers were escaping the persecution from the Nazis that was too much in Germany, the ship had both grandparents, grandchildren, single men and women and families that were escaping from the Nazis. The ship was denied the chance to land in Cuba and proceeded to Miami in America where they communicated with the president to allow them in the country but they did not get any response from the president. They decided to sail back to England, France, Holland, and Belgium where some passengers were dropped in different countries to save their lives, but still, they did not escape the Nazis because they were followed up by the Nazis in the different countries they were dropped and taken back to Germany for prosecution by the Nazis.

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Sarah Ogilvie a daughter to a veteran was served world war II, Ogilvie who occupied the research position at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and later made the director of the museum survivor registry. Sarah was not a Jews unlike most of the passengers in the ship who were Jews. Some of the survivors of the ship have been coming to the registry at the museum and Sarah has been having a conversation with them about what they experienced during the journey and from the Jews.

Ogilvie have been working very hard to find the survivors of the ship forcing to compare the list of the S.S St Louis and the list in the museum and other museum across the world where the survivors registered some names are matching while others are not causing more confusion on where to find the accurate data of the survivors of the ship. Sarah visited commentary to find the those who died but still, there were two passengers who were not accounted for up now

Sarah came across Miller whom they worked with to find the survivors of the ship. They came across several survivors who gave them their testimonies on how they escaped from the persecution from the Nazis with some letting go of their family members. Some who survived were forced to change their names so that they cannot be identified easily in the foreign countries, some got jobs in the foreign countries they stayed and traveled back to Germany immediately the war was over in the country. After the war, some of the survivors died but most of the survivors were psychologically interfered with and it took a long time for them to heal properly.

As the president of the United States, he could let the passengers in the country, by allowing them in the country could save more lives. The passengers were not harmed they were innocent people and among them were children who were escaping the war from their country. When they were denied the chance to stop at Miami shore cost them lives as they had no option but just to sail back to the European countries which risked their lives. The president could have valued their lives and put himself in their situation to help them escape the war from Germany and it could enhance the good relationship between the two countries. Allowing the passengers in the country could not coat the US anything and helping the innocent souls escape the death that was facing them.

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