Free Essay Comprising the Interview with the CEO for Subway Restaurant

Published: 2022-05-05
Free Essay Comprising the Interview with the CEO for Subway Restaurant
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Information Interview

Being in school is just but a stepping stone towards one's career fulfillment. Although strong career foundations are provided for students, there are situations in which such basics cannot be at par with the requirements of a thriving business or job. Engaging in classwork limits a student to contents and facts in the books only which takes time before the knowledge is applied in reality. Therefore, students need to be pushed to be extra active in achieving their career dreams by gaining experiences in real life in their early stages of career development. Real life experience is acquired by having close interaction with individuals who have already established a stable career in the same field as one's career path. As a student with interest in business management and entrepreneurship, I pursued my research in having a better understanding of the scope by talking to one Suzanne Greco, CEO for Subway restaurant.

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Suzanne Greco's Background

Suzanne's rise to the position of CEO for the Subway restaurants could be an eventual tale of ascending the company's ladder of management, even though her rise to this position was bittersweet. At the time in which the Subway company was opened by DeLuca (Suzanne's elder brother), she was only seven years old. In 1973, Suzanne became a sandwich artist formally, and she went through every position in the company before getting into the corporate ranks which saw her heading Subways research and development division. Although she has held the position of a CEO for three years now, she believes she has been an inspiration to many. Subway is an American Restaurant Franchise which mainly sells salads and sandwiches. It's operated and owned by Doctors Associates, Inc. (DAI). Ms. Suzanne served as Vice President of DAI operations since 2013 and took over Presidency of the corporation in 2015.

Current Role

Currently, Suzanne continues to work towards developing products for the fast food business chain and manages operations in all the branches of a hundred and one countries. In her vast experience with Doctor's Associates Inc., Ms. Greco has played her vital part in the development of new products and aided in the establishment of the brands status as a healthy alternative. Her role in the Research and Development team has overseen the creation of a menu for both indulgent tastes and dieters and led to the culmination of the breakfast menu and sandwiches. In the interview, Suzanne attributed her accomplishments as CEO and president of one of the most prominent chain restaurants in the world as being competitive for the future and stated that she is proud of carrying her late brother's legacy to fame. Greco noted that one way the Subway acquired the star of the show was by designing a shelf behind the 'sandwich artist' which holds vegetables which are to appear as ingredients in the sandwiches. Although the approach has been seen as a small touch, it has impacted the guests significantly. Suzanne also noted that Subway has been providing fast casual vendors as a differentiator at reasonable costs.


One of the guidance given by Suzanne on business successes was on the need to always create room for improvement as achievement is infinite. She also advised me on maintaining focus on the creation of more opportunities as well as interact more with different business professionals in various fields to learn more. She emphasized that starting from scratch, staying focused, keeping it simple, and 'dreaming big' are key to success in any business path. Suzanne also encouraged me to put strength as I pursue my education, she said as a business student I should reflect on possible career goals and have courage on embarking on new ones. She emphasized that students need to make an endless list of jobs in their field of interest, keep learning new things and find more information to understand their opportunities better. She finally mentioned that one should not feel pressured to partake an opening for fear of losing a desirable one later in life.

Application and Conclusion

My interaction with Suzanne Greco improved my perceptions and ideas of being a successful business manager. For running a successful and profitable business, one has to be a passionate entrepreneur and a committed manager for the enterprise. Entrepreneurs are defined as individuals who have the ability (skills) and the motivation or desire to implement their schemes or ideas into the future as well as backing their judgement with good decisions (Reynolds & Curtin, 2011). Managers are known to be appliers of existing best practices, as the entrepreneurs are referred to as the pioneers. From the conversation I had with Suzanne I learnt that an entrepreneur needs to be a risk taker, engage in strategic activities, and formulate a business strategy with full commitment. Success of a business depends on the continuous application and renewal of entrepreneurial spirits, and an efficient management team (Oches, 2017). I also learnt that some business fails since the owners fail to pursue a growth strategy because they fear the loss of being in control which comes as a result of debts from banks or selling stock to outsiders.

The interview with Suzanne Greco was quite successful, and she was happy that she could be able to tackle my questions with satisfaction. She emphasized on patience and perseverance as a quality that helps most proficient business owners in running their enterprises to fruition. Also taking the courage and risk to engage in various strategies for development of the business benefits in noting the weaknesses and strengths in the company's production and relation with other franchise partners thus enhancing competitiveness and business growth.


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