Essay Example: History of Civil Rights in the United States

Published: 2022-03-21
Essay Example: History of Civil Rights in the United States
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Various legal bottlenecks were installed as a means of disenfranchising the African Americans of their voting rights. For instance, poll taxes and literacy tests were administered to the African-Americans who turned out to vote. It is worth noting that such tests were only conducted to the people of color. Furthermore, the fact that the people of color were grappling with poverty meant that they were at a tremendous political disadvantage insofar as voting was concerned.

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Various methods were used to advance civil rights at the time. To start with, the non-violent marches, sit-ins, and demonstrations were popular (King, Letter from a Birmingham Jail). At the same time, economic boycott such as the Montgomery bus boycott was another approach adopted by Luther King to advocate for the civil rights of the people of color. Other attempts to gain the God-given civil rights included activities such as negotiations (the avenue was mostly futile).

The significant obstacles faced by the agitators of the African-Americans' civil rights included jail and assault by the white militia. Cases of black people being bludgeoned to death by the white police were common. Martin Luther was jailed severally (King, Letter from a Birmingham Jail). In cities such as Birmingham, signs were indicating whether a utility (hotel, school, or bus) was meant for the white people or the African-American. Various supreme court rulings had noted that racism was legal. In cases where they were deemed illegal, the standard of proof to ensure the conviction of a white was unattainable. Furthermore, After the elections, the registrars were asked to resign. Technically, there was no one to arrest or charge for the crime of denying the African-American of their right to vote (Voting Rights and the Color of Law).

There are no educational or financial obstacles among the people of color in America today. However, there are notable economic disparities where the people of color often appear to live in poverty than any other community. Such financial considerations may put the people of color at an indirect disadvantage insofar as gaining political influence, and political power is concerned.

The African-Americans have had to struggle to attain their civil rights in the United States. Though the involved struggle deaths, loss of property, and incarceration, the agitators never abandoned their course of action. Eventually, the presidency and the law markers succumbed to the call of equality and freedom among all the races in America. Even then, the social norms enhancing racism took even longer to eliminate. There are hardly any cases of disenfranchisement of the civil rights of the people of color in the United States.

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