Trump and Jackson - Comparison Essay Sample

Published: 2022-02-23
Trump and Jackson - Comparison Essay Sample
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Donald Trump and Andrew Jackson share much of leadership style, political support, the perspective of society, and interaction with the minority group. The two presidents identified with force as a worthy tool for the assertion of power. They disliked specific communities and depended on the legislative process to alienate such groups. They were practical capitalists and theoretical socialists. The two presidents amassed their wealth by exploiting capitalism economies but constantly talked about developing structures that would empower the common man's finances. Trump and Jackson seemed to pursue destructive means to eliminate political rivalry. Besides strong personality traits, this paper will explore the similarities between Donald Trump and Andrew Jackson.

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Their similarities in the aspects of election and appeal to the common man concern corruption and tactic. The two presidents preyed on the public's desperation and cry for liberation from economic uncertainty. Both presidents Trump and Jackson exploited race to win elections. They identified with specific communities and depicted others in a negative image to implement the concept of Herrenvolk democracy. Jackson appealed to the white folks and assured them that his policies would mitigate financial risks by increasing production capacity (Killian, 2017). On the other hand, Trump appealed to the American people on a campaign slogan for restoring the nation's greatness and cited immigrants and Muslims as the sources of America's problems. Voters were impressed by the idea of better financial prospects. Additionally, both presidents pursued the support of controversial Washington elites (Killian, 2017).

Trump and Jackson constituted their administrations from friend, allies, and family. The two presidents seemed to ignore intellect, talent, and experience to reward loyal individuals with administrative positions (Killian, 2017). President Jackson mistrusted his peers. He was worried that fellow political influences considered his policies unwise; therefore, appointing supporters and friends to the cabinet in the hope that such people would share his views. Similarly, Trump has demonstrated unconditional support for questionable personalities and appointed controversial individuals to the cabinet (Killian, 2017). The perception that cabinet positions qualify as opportunities to reward loyalty at the expense of government effectiveness is shared by the presidents. Trump and Jackson constituted administration on the basis of loyalty and the sharing of ideology.

The two presidents were intolerant to competition. They seemed to lose hold of democracy at the notice of rivalry. Jackson felt threatened by any call to account. America's 7th president engaged in duels (Killian, 2017). He resulted in fights and brutal competitions against the elements of rivalry. In an advanced case, Jackson was responsible for the death of a critic. The president killed a critic that considered him coward and looked down on Jackson's leadership style (Killian, 2017). Similarly, Trump has shown a high level of intolerance towards rivalry. He takes to the media and tweets negative messages whenever criticized (Killian, 2017). Politics seems personal and insults are not spared. Trump is on record as a very devote social media user but his online activities often concern tainting the image of identified rivals.

Presidents Trump and Jackson interacted with other branches of government in a similar manner. They disregard the contributions of other entities whenever such suggestions conflict with theirs. One of the affected institutions is the judiciary (Killian, 2017). President Jackson ignored a Supreme Court ruling barring him from attacking and removing Indians from their land (Killian, 2017). He proceeded to justify his actions as focusing on the interests of the State and the white people as they needed land to increase the nation's productivity. Similarly, Trump recently ignored the Federal Bureau of Investigation plea to protect classified information. He de-classified the documents and authorized the circulation of controversial reports.

Minority groups suffered under the leadership of the two presidents. Jackson related to Native Americans in a negative manner and Trump constantly expresses his dislike for Muslims and Mexicans (Killian, 2017). Jackson's infamous contravention of a Supreme Court ruling caused monumental harm to Native Indians. Jackson caused the murder of 4000 Indians as they were not willing to give their land to white settlers (Killian, 2017). Jackson disregarded the rights of minorities merely because he felt that white settlers were superior. Similarly, Donald Trump has invested State resources in the exercise of demonizing Muslims and Mexicans. The president depicts minorities as the cause of insecurity and reduced job opportunities (Jackson, 2017).

Donald Trump Andrew Jackson

Supported by Washington corrupt elites

Oppressed minority communities

Disrespected other branches of government whenever his decisions were questioned

Used cabinet to reward friends and family

7th U.S President

Served as a judge, member of the House and Senate

Engaged rivals in deadly competitions

45th U.S President

No political experience

Used the media to attack rivals


Killian, L. (2017). The New Old Hickory: There are striking similarities between Trump and Andrew Jackson - and that's cause for serious concern. USNEWS.COM, p. Online Article. Retrieved from

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