Free Essay on How to Write a Fundraising Proposal

Published: 2018-02-27
Free Essay on How to Write a Fundraising Proposal
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Fundraising application

Title: Proposal to Seek Fund for Organization W Program to Reduce Pneumonia in the Community

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Establishing a succinct title to the grant program proposal is one of the main skills of drawing the attention of the audience while writing an RFP and FOA. Although the title can be brief, it should clearly indicate the objectives of the program as well as the purpose for the grant requested (Egiebor, 2015).


Essentially, the program must indicate who the intended financiers of the program are. Additionally, the requested grant should be realistic and affordable to the sponsor. This means that the amount requested for grant should be within the organizational reach. Similarly, it is important to identify why a certain sponsor was chosen to fund the program as well as the benefits they might accrue from the process (Egiebor, 2015). These undertakings are designed to inspire the potential sponsor for a particular project for funding.

Fundraising proposal template

Presumably, the previous program to reduce pneumonia in the community attained significant gains at the inception. However, in the preceding five years, the project stagnated as exhibited by the increased pneumonia cases in recent years. In view of this, this current program attempts to rectify the mistakes that were notable in the previous programs. Moreover, as the project manager indicated, the leadership structure and culture in the new program will incorporate many management changes (Egiebor, 2015). Ideally, the program intends to introduce change as well as employ relevant technology tools to reduce pneumonia in the community. Accordingly, the administration will fund the program that commences in the fall of 2018 with material and financial support. Correspondingly, the program shall be partly funded and monitored by relevant state and federal authorities to ensure it attains professional ethics.

Program Description

Following the failures attributed to previous programs of curbing pneumonia in the community, W organization designed a project that intends to correct the mistakes by the predecessors. After studying the failures of the former programs and other similar projects nationally, W organization commissioned this alternative program. Ideally, the problem of increased pneumonia infections in the community is exacerbated by the misinformation about the condition in the society. Generally, most people in the society confuse pneumonia with common colds, fever or coughs. However, pneumonia, especially in adults, can have dire consequences if left untreated. Moreover, the disease is easily communicable which makes it a global concern. Importantly, pneumonia can either be bacterial and or non-bacterial. Nevertheless, both types of pneumonia have similar symptoms which include fever, cough, shortness of breath and little mucus in the coughs.

Ideally, the new program will comprise of a team of 20 professionals divided into groups of 5. Each work group shall deal with a specific problem to the implementation of the policies. Additionally, the program shall be headed by a project manager who has successfully led similar programs in other organizations. Moreover, as a way of saving time and meeting the deadlines set for the program, the team leader will have total autonomy of the process. This is aimed at reducing the bureaucracies between the organizations administrators and project managers.

The Intervention

Among the reasons identified for the high prevalence of pneumonia in the community is general misinformation about the complications of the condition. As a result, the new program intends to embark on door-to-door campaigns, mainstream and digital media education, and public awareness forums (Rudan et al., 2011). Moreover, healthcare providers in the community will be requested to provide information to patients about screening, treatment, and diagnosis of the lung inflammation complication (Egiebor, 2015). With this regards, interpersonal and communication skills are vital for the successful implementation of this program. Essentially, the communication channel should be directed in a manner that respects and honors human dignity. Moreover, the process should be considerate of the cultural and societal constructs such as religion, politics, race, ethnicities and financial class.


Because donors receive many proposals for funding healthcare and other community projects, a good proposal must demonstrate why the current one is superior to the other projects. In view of this, this project proposal is assumedly based on the failures of previous program (Styron, & Styron, 2013).Moreover, the project derives information from studies and other success processes of similar interventions. Using this information, the new program will make informed changes that will consequently reduce the prevalence of pneumonia in the community. Conversely, other competing programs retain conservative ideals which studies indicate are not improving the situation (Marsh et al., 2008).

Target Population

The organization targets the community that neighbors company W with interventions that aims at reducing the prevalence of pneumonia and associated treatment costs (Exchange Authority, 2010). According to the proposal, the desired outcome can be achieved through empowering the public with information regarding the health complication.

Time implication

Every program is allocated objectives that it should fulfill within a designated time. Ideally, time is of great essence since delays automatically results to cancellations and funding for the programs (Styron & Styron, 2013). Moreover, these projects are usually capital intensive and cancellations results to massive losses of resources and time.

Budget and Staff

Ultimately, the cost for a particular program must be planned before it commences. Generally this can be attained by conducting research and pilot studies to ascertain the human and financial resources feasibility of the program (Styron & Styron, 2013).


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