Essay Example: Trend Analysis of the National Center for Education Statistics

Published: 2023-03-05
Essay Example: Trend Analysis of the National Center for Education Statistics
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Trend analysis is taken to be a process that involves the collection and identification of information over a period. The trend analysis is opted to make an accurate and timely selection and identification of data for its effectiveness to be realized. Notably, for critical analysis of the firms or issue being checked on to get well harnessed, there should be a high integration of the information for better results. Trend analysis is very critical in evaluating the programs, procedures, institutions, and structures in place. Firm strategic planning is well harnessed through us of trend analysis that is opted to take its course under the influence of both the systems and trends to be used. The solid foundation of the organizational strategic plans is well initiated and control through appropriate undertakings of trend analysis.

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A suitable trend analysis is measured by starting on the checking on the decreases or increases of the information that was traditionally available. Also, in the other context of business, the customers are served, finances, and inventory turnover are assessed for the trend analysis to be well harmonized. On the provision of human resource services, there is the usage of the hotline, incidents of certain crimes, and referral patterns for a useful conceptualization of information for secure service delivery. All these contexts remain to lie under the subject of well checking on time and the resources available for its reliability and effectiveness to be realized.

For this trend analysis, the main area is on checking on the United States system of education and the information provided for its efficacy on the systems being used. The sources of areas for the study involve test scores, school enrolments, and the student ESE population. The high education systems of the United States are well analyzed through the use of the NCES, National Center for Education Statistics (Barr, & Maxwell, 2016). The NCSE is the fundamental website used in the United States and other countries for the collection and analysis of the data sets. The NCSE is located within the institutes of education sciences and the departments of education for the United States. Collection and analysis of data are very vital for the examination of the education programs being undertaken and also on the most suitable strategies to be taken for advancement on implementation.

The data from the National Center for Education Statistics used in this trend analysis checks on postsecondary data and the graduation rates in the United States education system. The web tables provided for imputed and edited data findings of IPEDS, Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System. The capture of winter information, graduation rates, students aids in finance, admissions, and the outcome of the measure for selected cohorts. The time frame that is provided in the data sets is for the three periods. the data collections are for 2016-2017, 2017-2018, and 2018-2019. The surveys are groupings of fall, winter, and spring. The table's results of 2017-2018 are on 12-month unduplicated enrolment headcount at the title iv colleges, race, gender, and sectors of institutions. The average costs are connected with attendance first time, full time, and the operating calendar system (Hill, Ottem, & DeRoche, 2016).

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