Character Analysis of Jig - Literary Essay Sample

Published: 2022-05-31
Character Analysis of Jig - Literary Essay Sample
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Ernest Hemingway effectively uses the characterization to portray the motivations, actions, and behaviors of various characters in the short story Hills Like White Elephant. It becomes evident that Hemingway succeeds in revealing the characters of Jig not only through her actions as depicted in the book but through descriptions of the environment that surrounds her as well as her mannerisms. Fascinatingly, the author seems to have applied the techniques that subject the reader to expand their horizons beyond the basic stereotypes and assess the ambiguous dialogue before developing an ability to discover the round and dynamic character demonstrated by the jig. In fact, Hemingway does this through strategically scattering considerable blurred revelations of Jig's persona.

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At the beginning of the story, Hemingway portrays Jig character as the girl (p. 3). Through this way, he can provide an implication of the stereotypical attributes. Notably, the childish assertions in conversation and actions that strengthen her two-dimensional image play an integral role in removing the reader from the previously misinformed path they were sailing through and take them to a right way. Jig is portrayed as an overly simplistic view of Jig provides a noticeable naive connotation. For example, Jig asserts that "And if I do it you'll be happy and things will be like they were, and you'll love me" (p. 6). The unmasked cunning and the manipulative side of these connotations are not revealed. A close examination of her rounded traits and qualities are however revealed upon a skillful analyzing and subjecting such statements within the contexts in which they were spoken. The readers are further able to miss the obvious uncommon sarcasm in various statements such as, "And afterward they were all so happy." In fact, Hemingway tremendously uses high levels of skills to hide Jig's character in this particular scene.

In another case, Hemingway succeeds in mirroring Jig intrinsic struggles through a different environment as well as the dialogue that she engages. Undeniably, Hemingway introduces the story through subjecting and creating a mood of desperation and describes the hills across the value of the Ebro. He says, on this side, there was no shade or trees (p. 8). Such description profoundly contrasts with the previous description of the opposite sides, which Hemingway describes as the fields of grain and trees along the banks of the Ebro. The mountains are further shown to be located far away in the areas beyond the river.

Finally, Hemingway reveals Jig's name when her companion and man is imploring her to carry out the abortion. This is the only substantial information that readers possess regarding her background. Ideally, she even depicts herself to be young compared to the waitress, who is revealed as the woman. As a person who is touring Spain and who is tremendously unable to speak and understand the Spanish language, Jig depends on the man for translation and understanding of the waitress words. She is indeed younger and full of hope, and this can be revealed through her general interactions and believes that pregnancy is one of the opportunities and a chance to subject their relationship to a significant transformation. Despite knowing the reality about the situation she is undergoing, she ultimately ceases her perspective and surrenders to the decisions of the man.

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