Transforming the Future: A Comprehensive Analysis of Global Warming and Sustainable Solutions

Published: 2024-01-29
Transforming the Future: A Comprehensive Analysis of Global Warming and Sustainable Solutions
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Before the 18th century, global temperatures and atmospheric changes had no negative implications for either plants, animals, or humankind (Eisenhauer et al., 2012). The world was covered with beautiful sceneries and a harmless environment for its inhabitants. But as human activities like mining, agriculture, and manufacturing began to take effect at the beginning of the 18th century, everything began to change (Eisenhauer et al., 2012). What was safe and friendly, now become dangerous and lethal. Human-killing natural phenomena like earthquakes and floods started to face the planet with a non-friendly glare. Water levels in the oceans tremendously increased, covering the natural beauty of already existing islands at the edges of different continents. Seasons changed, and temperatures rose, and the nature-driven environment became a thing of the past (Eisenhauer et al., 2012). The worst fear is that these activities causing all these unforeseen negative global changes still persist and show no signs of future decrease. This topic would, therefore, address these activities that are contributing to global warming and the changes that can be made to solve it. Most international communities have made their efforts to curb this issue by proposing and getting involved in tree planting activities, yet mere impacts have been made. Global climatic change can mainly be achieved by making a change in the main activities contributing to global warming and not through alternative activities like tree planting (Diffenbaugh & Burke, 2019). The research is about a breakthrough towards the dangerous continuing trend of global warming. Its main purpose is to address the need for global industrial and manufacturing activities to change and the measures that can help reduce or fully eradicate the increasingly global activities responsible for global warming.

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Financial and technology are critical aspects that have triggered an increase in global warming. Human activities in the forest regions have greatly contributed to the problem (Eisenhauer et al., 2012). In the Amazon forest alone, which gives us 20% of the oxygen people breathe, human activities have made its size rapidly decrease as industrialization goes high. To solve this challenge, technological advancements in the industrialization sector need to be applied.

The Problem, Causes, and Effect

Creating a 45% efficiency external combustion technology that allows easy transition to renewable or alcohol fuel is the first technological proposal to end this global challenge (Diffenbaugh & Burke, 2019). This can be made possible by limiting industries to mandatory employ conversion of waste heat streams to electricity (Chalasani, & Hilliard, 2007). Another solution is by application of carbon technologies, which can support the extraction of CO2 directly from the waste streams. The creation of technologies that use this CO2 as their raw material can support its extraction even more (Diffenbaugh & Burke, 2019). In addition, further research on the application of PEM and alkaline fuel cell systems, which can be entirely powered by methanol, can be a solution too (Diffenbaugh & Burke, 2019). This goes hand in hand with the application of solar energy in operation that does not require too much energy in the production lines, but in implementing these solution mechanisms, various methodologies will need to be applied (Houghton, 2005). First, the use of treaties by the UN, which will bind all the industrialized countries to the above proposals, will be a key implementation move. Additionally, the currently existing body mandated to reduce the emission of CO2 has a projection of 10 – 15 years before it manages to achieve zero-emission of CO2 (Chalasani, & Hilliard, 2007). A new body will need to be mandated with less period to achieve zero emission of this deadly gas.

The rise of global warming has triggered to rise of droughts and heatwaves across the world. The approach has been triggered by the gradual heating of the Earth's surface, oceans, and atmosphere (Diffenbaugh & Burke, 2019). In this case, global warming has triggered an increase in temperature by 1.4 degrees (Change, 2018). In 2016, the world recorded the highest temperature ever, and this was closely linked with the increase in industrialization, change in farming methods, and much more. Extreme weather events are another critical aspect that is highly experienced due to the effect of global warming (Change, 2018). When people experience a hot summer, some parts of the United States have been experiencing colder-than-normal (Change, 2018). Normally, the change in climate can lead to the polar jet stream moving to the south, and this triggers the rise of cold breezes. This is a key aspect that has triggered the rise of the cold climate in the Southern parts of the United States (Change, 2018). The rate of ice melting has triggered an increase in sea and ocean levels. In 2014, the World Meteorological Organization reported an increase in ocean level by 3 millimeters, which has been triggered by an increase in ice melting (Change, 2018).

Additionally, the issue of global warming has triggered ice melt. In regions such as North America has been an experience a reduction in the level of snow cover since 1960 (Change, 2018). The issue has been closely associated with cases of landslides and sudden land collapses. Due to the reduction of the snow surface, the world has experienced a reduction in the level of sunlight reflection (Diffenbaugh & Burke, 2019).

These proposals are not affiliated with any political interest, which gives them some benefits if they are applied to this issue. If people dilute these moves with much political correctness, we might have little or no success (Diffenbaugh & Burke, 2019). For this reason, political issues in this proposal have not been involved, which may help lenders it more impactive (Change, 2018). Another benefit is that these proposed technologies have the capability of transforming the bulk of mainstream energy consumption fully, with less time and capital requirements (Eisenhauer et al., 2012). Even if, at times, the cost might be high in the large industrial plants, the benefits that will be created would be worth it.

Proposal Invention

Define the purpose.

The purpose of this research proposal is to examine ways that the world is supposed to embrace to counter the issue of global warming, which has become a threat to human life.

Narrow the subject by taking a local approach

The issue of global warming has profoundly affected the lives of people as it has hindered the growth of particular crops, which are essential for resident survival. As such, the rise of atmospheric temperature has triggered the challenge in the survival and growth of particular crops and animals.

Find you Angle

The issue will be examined from human bases that have accelerated global warming. Therefore, the research will examine the activities, such as industrialization, which human beings engage in, but they have triggered to rise of world temperature. Through this perception, the research will be in a position to examine numerous approaches that are required to be deployed to counter the issue.

Identify the Major and Minor Causes of the Problem

Modern systems, such as power plants, transportation, and farming, are perceived as major aspects that trigger global warming. These sectors trigger the emission of carbon dioxide, which leads to heat absorption (Baldwin et al., 2019). The change in human activities, especially through the application of modern systems, has led to an increase in the level of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere (Wijoyo et al., 2018). Garbage, volcanic eruption, and permafrost are perceived as minor factors that lead to an increase in global warming as they do not produce a large quantity of carbon dioxide.

Identify the Major Effects of this Problem

The rise of global warming is expected to increase atmospheric temperature, which will lower the sea ice due to melting. The approach leads to an increase in sea and ocean levels, thus displaying humans along the coast (Ruebsam et al., 2019). Additionally, global warming triggers intense heat waves as well as tidal flooding.

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