Essay Sample on Analyzing and Solving Conflict

Published: 2023-10-26
Essay Sample on Analyzing and Solving Conflict
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The two videos, involve an argument between a property owner and his female tenant is an example of interpersonal conflict. In the video, the impending signs of the disagreement include the tense relationship between the tenant and her landlord. The primary cause of this disagreement is the late payment of rent. The landlord's failure to be patient for more than three days is another cause of the conflict, which could lead to the tenant being evicted.

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Analysis of Conflict

A theoretical conflict map would define relationships in the argument better. The relationship between the landlord and the tenant is weak. The landlord's failure to be patient with the landlord for only three days defines the nature of the connection (Lang, 2020). The relationship between the tenant and the strange man who came to check, probably a neighbor, is also not stable. Failure to take turns during the conversation escalated the conflict since both parties were using high tones.

The tenant says that she does not have money since she will not be paid until Wednesday, three days after their argument. On the other hand, the landlord was tired of her late payments, fearing that she would influence others to pay late, which could heavily inconvenience him. Wrong turn-taking and the use of high tones would hinder conflict resolution efforts in the conflict.

Management and Resolution

To resolve the disagreement, I would offer the disagreeing parties' space to discuss their issues calmly without attracting attention. Listening to each other without interrupting would allow them to reach a viable solution. Accommodation is the ideal style of conflict resolution to resolve this disagreement (Wobodo, 2019). The landlord should give in to the tenant's wishes. The tenant is willing to pay the rent, only that she does not have any money until three days later. Some of the aspects of constructive conflict communication ideal for this conflict are being specific and I-statements. The tenant should specify the reason for her lateness while the landlord should as well specify his reasons for not waiting three days.


From this conflict case study, it is clear that proper turn-taking in arguments is key to solving them. Understanding the relationships of conflicting parties is key to addressing their disagreements. During conflict resolution, different styles can be applied depending on the kind of conflict being addressed.


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