Free Essay Example: Organizational Problem Analysis

Published: 2023-11-24
Free Essay Example: Organizational Problem Analysis
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Organizational behavior factors are considered fundamental aspects of running an organization because effective utilization leads to business success. On the other hand, failure to efficiently apply organizational behaviors results in business failures. Corporate culture is the amalgamation of habits, employee behavioral expectations, traditions, and values adopted by an organization (Mahdi & George, 2015). This paper analyses the organizational behavior as utilized by Nike Incorporation.

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The organizational culture at Nike Incorporation favors business performance and ability. For instance, Nike employees are presented with a set of guiding principles and instructions together with the expectations of their jobs. These instructions go hand in hand with the company's associations with their customers and their workers (Mahdi & George, 2015). Because of this consideration, Nike Incorporation has been able to sustain its business culture and, hence, partially contribute to their success. As a global company, Nike Incorporation has established strategies and procedures to enhance an organizational culture that facilitates pliability and proficiency. For instance, the company has a stable business culture that encourages employees to operate in a manner that depicts their business goals. To foster the company objectives, Nike Incorporation provides training initiatives that are fashioned to maintain their culture.

Nike’s Organizational culture is concentrated on creativity and innovation to generate goods that blend with the present customer preferences. It is majorly considered as the leading manufacturer of sports shoes, garments, and apparatus (Mahdi & George, 2015). Pre-eminently, the company’s characteristics for business culture include first, talented. This quality creates emphasis on the necessity to offer manpower support for product creation and development. Resultantly, Nike adopts training arrangements to sustain worker talent. Second, Nike owns diversity as a feature. The company trusts that this attribute enables an organization to build a spirited workforce. For instance, Nike has been able to enhance its creativity, brand image, and innovation. Hence, the company has gained an aggressive market advantage (Mahdi & George, 2015). The final but equally important property of Nike’s organizational culture is inclusivity. Inclusivity works best in reducing roadblocks to worker achievement. In conclusion, all these features have played a vital role in the success of Nike Incorporation.


Mahdi, H. A. A., Abbas, M., Mazar, T. I., & George, S. (2015). A Comparative Analysis of Strategies and Business Models of Nike, Inc., and Adidas Group with special reference to Competitive Advantage in a Dynamic and Competitive Environment. International Journal of Business Management and Economic Research, 6(3), 167-177.

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