Not a Good Story - Free Essay Sample

Published: 2023-11-26
Not a Good Story - Free Essay Sample
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The book, We Are the Weather, "Not a Good Story" (pages 12-16) by Jonathan Safran Foer entails the looming threat of global warming. According to Foer, the greatest threat to human life involves the emergencies of the superstorms and the rising seas with severe droughts and declining water supplies. Foer writes, when the crisis matters to everyone, the existential stakes and the urgency result in the war of individuals' survival (Foer 12). Contemplating the complexity as well as the scale of the threats leads to the fatigue of imagination. Although it is not easy to tell, the planetary crisis has not proved to be a good story as it has failed to convert any individual. Captivating the fundamental ambitions of activism reveals how climate change, as well as the subject matter, fares poorly in various realms. Besides, Foer notes that the climate is the most boring subject the science world finds challenging to present. The distance between awareness and feel makes it difficult for even thoughtful and politically engaged people who want to act.

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Making History

Making history depends on good stories. However, climate change is not a good story. Since no story works for everybody. I agree with Foer's views on the threats that lead to fatigue of imagination and the planetary crisis of climate. "Climate is quite possibly the most boring subject the science world has ever had to present to the public (Foer 16)." People rarely do things they have to do from the story unless they are embedded in a good story. Therefore, the book has to keep live conversation inside it to help individuals learn of their values through inspiring and exciting things. The good story thus would stimulate the fundamental ambitions of activism while revealing climate change as a subject matter in the world.


From writing an effective summary Jonathan Safran Foer's "We Are the Weather, Not a Good Story," I learned how to collect the information from the book while analyzing them to give a precise meaning. Writing an effective summary requires a lot of input in terms of reading the book to understand the concepts and the message the author tries to communicate. I also learned to be clear while tying the goals and objectives to make the summary understandable.


I applied the knowledge I have learned in my essay in that I collected enough information from the book to communicate my message. Besides, I worked on tying the goals and objectives while including both positive and negative ideas in the essay. I was able to show that rise in a crisis results in the war of an individual's survival. In an attempt to tie the goals and objectives, I was able to show that contemplating the complexity and scale of the results of the threat to the fatigue of imagination. I used this information to ensure the book keeps live conversation while helping individuals learn about their values.

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