Transdev Company - Contract Management Essay Example

Published: 2019-06-13
Transdev Company - Contract Management Essay Example
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This chapter involves coming up with the methodology in terms of analyzing and outlining the method of data collection, the kind of data generated as well as the sources of the data used. It is the chapter that forms the basis of data analysis. This chapter is organized in terms of the introduction, research design, study location, target population, sampling techniques, conceptual framework, data collection procedures as well as method of data analysis.

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This study used a descriptive statistics was to analyze the information and data collected. Descriptive research portrays an accurate profile of persons, events, or situation (O'Connell, C. 2014. It allows one to collect quantitative data, which was analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. Transdev Australia is a public transport operator, managing bus, tram, light rail, and train services across Australia and New Zealand. Therefore, a descriptive survey was deemed to be the best in fulfilling the objectives of this study. The general information about the company and its history was reviewed in order to help in the collection of data. Additionally, the financial reports for the past years were reviewed in order to draw the relationship between various variables which are of great interest to the growth of the company. The supply chain management data and contracts involved between them and other authorities. The researcher also used secondary data sourced from the report and financial documents of Transdev Company. An analysis on the variables was conducted in order to understand the trend and relationship among the study variables. The research design adopted in this project was a case study of Transdev Company.

The study was conducted on Transdev Company which is located in Melbourne Australia. The company manages bus services in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, and Perth. Transdev operates the iconic harbor city ferries in Sydney as a joint venture with Transfield. While Transdev provides the service, the majority of the maintenance of the assets is managed by Transfield. Transdev also operates the new light rail network in Sydney, including the extended network currently under construction. This service is also operated as a joint venture with alstrom. In Brisbane, apart from managing the bus services, Transdev also manages the Brisbane Ferries.

The case study was outsourced from the top level management as well as from junior level employees. The people interviewed who included the employee of the company provided information which was treated with confidentiality.

The study adopted stratified sampling technique. The reason for this was that there was a need to categorize data into subsets depending on given characteristics in order to observe their effect on the revenue of the company.

In formulating the conceptual framework, the dependent variable as well as the independent variables were considered. The independent variables consisted of both qualitative and quantitative factors. Some of the quantitative factors included the number of employees in the company, the demand level for the transport services, government tax charged etcetera. On the other hand, the qualitative factors included competition, consumer attitude as well as the risks involved.

The study used questionnaires as well as holding interviews. First hand information was essential and hence the need to use primary source of data such as inteviews and questionnaires. On the other hand, secondary data was gathered through analysis of past data was analyzed using statistical softwares such as Strata, Eviews and Excel.

Primary data will be obtained by interviewing one of the employees of Transdev Company. Secondary data was obtained from academic articles, journals and reports from the IBIS-World as well as States government for transport. Reports such from the state of New South Wales to declare the contract with Transdev Australasia and reports from the state of Victoria to announce the partnership with this company were also used. Updated information was also gathered from outsourced from Transdev website.

Data was obtained from primary as well as secondary sources. Primary sources included collection of first hand information data from employees of Transdev Company. Secondary data which was obtained from analysis of past data. The stratified data obtained was analysed using piecharts inorder to obtain the proportion of the data items under review. Formation of regression equations was also used so as to estimate the correlation between the variables. Additionally, the regression results would also be fit for analysis as well as for forecasting purposes.


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