Is a College Degree Worth It? Education Essay Sample

Published: 2019-06-05
Is a College Degree Worth It? Education Essay Sample
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To begin with, it is a difficult question whether you need to have a good college education or not. The polemics over whether studies in a college deserve receiving it began many years ago and last even nowadays. People who debate that good education is worth it affirm that students who graduated from college have higher level of employment, bigger wages, and more advantages in their job than those who left high school. They also state that college graduates have good social abilities; their works are more effective and they have justified their potential to achieve a great success (

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Of course, every person makes his own choice in this life because nobody can make up your mind and force you to receive a college education if you dont want to do it but the aim of this paper is to give some arguments for the college degree.

The reasons that the studies in a college education is worth it are the following:

Job demands or requirements Many careers require higher education. That is why you dont have an alternative. You should receive a college degree if you desire to obtain a job in that sphere. If you exactly know what job to choose, find out if the career that you have chosen demands a college degree. Sometimes you can manage with different certificates or with advanced training in your job.

Receiving a promotion

If you do not want to be a rank-and-file worker and desire to get a promotion, you surely need a college degree. Even if your employer wants you to attend to your duties well, he will be interested in finding out if you have the specific education to accommodate to a new post. Furthermore, a higher education can demonstrate your aspiration and may give you an advantage over other job seekers or you will be able to compete with them.

Clarify your career dreamsEvery college gives students the opportunity to investigate new spheres, concepts and acquire knowledge. If you do not know what profession you would like to choose, you can clarify your career dreams in college. Even if you generally decide what you would like to do, college can aid you find a sphere to concentrate on. For example, if you are interested in foreign languages, you can become a teacher, translator or interpreter.

Find new contacts

Every day you will be able to meet and communicate with different people in college. Somebody can advise you where you can find a job. Your instructors can recommend you any employer or give you recommendations. Moreover, you may find your counterparts, employees or business partners in your auditorium or among people who study in the same college. Such contacts will help you develop in your occupation and achieve your goals.

New experience

A college degree will give you the chance to find a variety of valuable information and data. You will certainly meet people with different mental outlooks. You will definitely gain new experience. This will broaden your mind and will help you to grow up into a considerate, inquisitive, and disciplined person. Being a student, you will be able to learn how to be responsible for your future career and life. Moreover, you will develop your own schedule and other abilities that will serve during all your life (Smith).

Participate in work programs

Students can interchange their classes with gaining job experience in the sphere of their study. They will graduate from their college with more choices for employment, will understand better what profession to choose, and will be able to earn some money in order to pay for their studies. Those students who dont have the opportunity to participate in work co-op programs can try their hand in various internships and have the same benefits (Gobel).

In order to maintain the point of view that the college degree is really worth it, it is necessary to demonstrate some statistic information. Paying attention to the new data, which is focused on a research of Labor Department statistics American graduates who have a college degree, earned 98 percent more in an hour in the year 2013 than people who do not have it (Leonhardt). According to the survey, people who graduated from college are able to earn three times as much than those without any certificate. Researchers from New York affirm that workers with diploma of higher education earn about $1 million more during their life than workers without a good higher education (Barrett).

Of course, there are people who do not believe in all these advantages and perspectives. They strongly believe that receiving a college degree is simply waste of time and money. They name different reasons, such as: good education costs too much, even after graduating it is difficult to find a good job; education requires too much time, which you may spend on earning money and many others.

So, summarizing all the facts we can admit that if you are an ambitious person who wants to have a good career, you certainly need to have a college degree. It will help you, firstly, find a job in a prestigious company, secondly, get a promotion after a period of time. You will have the chance to look more promising in your boss eyes and have advantages over other applicants on this position. The last and, in my opinion, one of the greatest benefits of the college education is a wide range of useful connections that will help you in future to become successful.


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a. Polemics over a college degree

Thesis statement

The debates about the question of a college degree, the importance of receiving a good education (including research information), analysis of a contradictory point of view, summary of the main characteristics of obtaining a college degree.

Main body

Main reasons why the college degree leads to success.

Some statistic information that reflects the benefits of a college education.

Arguments against studies in a college.


Summarizing the main points for a college degree.

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