Free Essay Example on Toxins in the Body

Published: 2019-09-30
Free Essay Example on Toxins in the Body
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A toxin is defined as any chemical or a poison that causes harmful effects to the body. There is a need to have a balance between our bodies and nature. The modern life we live in today has provided conveniences via advanced technologies such as fast foods, which have been highly processed, to the use of electronics such as microwaves. The more the toxins lodge in the body, they lead to growing rates of illnesses such as cancer, autism, heart diseases, obesity and much more. This article will discuss the toxins that are found in the human body, common sources of these toxins in our environment and lastly, the toxins that we are most likely to come into contact with in our day to day activities.

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Toxins can be found in various locations forms that include the air we breathe, to the chemicals found in the food we consume in the body, and so forth. Toxins are stuck in the cells and the soft tissues and they disrupt the normal functioning of the body and eventually overwhelm the entire immune system. It is impossible to avoid all these toxins we encounter in our everyday life but we can take relevant steps to have a balance in our health (Louv, 2013).

There are several sources of environmental toxins that get their way into the human body, and these include traces of mercury, lead, radon and formaldehyde; there are also manmade toxins that include pesticides and phthalates. All these toxins have a negative impact on the human body and have been known to cause organs failure (Proft, 2009). Many of these toxins will be found in everyday contact with items such as old pipes and paint, ill-ventilated houses, detergents, toys, cosmetics, and some plastic containers.

It is imperative to know that these things have the potential to make ones body ill and so it is of importance to ensure one purchases products that are of high quality (Proft, 2009). Cheap will always be expensive and so we need to either reduce, for example, a number of plastics we use or, purchase quality plastics that do not emit harmful toxins to the food they are stored in.

The most dangerous toxins to the human body are the industrially produced chemicals and compounds. Most industrially produced chemicals toxins when ingested, they interfere with the bodys immune and hormone system. The imbalance in the body will lead to cases of impaired immune systems, and major reproductive and neurological systems failures. Exposure to these toxins during prenatal and post-natal stages will have adverse effects and hence pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should take extra caution. The toxins usually accumulate in the body gradually and the effects will be felt after a lengthy exposure period. Most of the exposure as a result of the use of poor quality plastics occurs when they are heated or washed, especially those that should not be recycled (Proft, 2009).

There are various ways to ensure that we reduce the toxins we are exposed to. One way is to ensure we seek out healthy environments. This means that we stay away from areas with high pollution tendencies such as mines, quarries, construction and industrial sites. Clean air and clean water will have a significant change in our lives and more so when the clean air and water are taken in high qualities (Louv, 2013). We should also ensure we purchase high-quality dishes that are lead-free and opt for non-plastic dishes.

The food we consume should be organic, and we should more emphasis should be put on consumption of more fruits, whole grains, and green leafy vegetables. We may not have the capacity to completely stay away from processed foods, but we need to always balance our diets and minimize on the amounts of chemicals we expose our bodies to (Louv, 2013). We should be wary of cheap cosmetics as they contain high levels of lead and other chemicals that have dangerous effects on our bodies when used.

In conclusion, while it is not possible to fully remove all the toxins from our bodies, we can check the accumulation of the toxins in our bodies by implementing simple habits such as staying in clean environments, taking clean, organic and whole foods, and most importantly drinking plenty of water. Everybody is built differently but one thing is for sure, embracing a heather lifestyle will lead to a better, healthier and wholesome life.


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