Mindfulness: Free Essay with a Personal Experience

Published: 2018-10-31
Mindfulness: Free Essay with a Personal Experience
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Two techniques I used to be more mindful this week

One technique I applied this week to ensure I was mindful is the acceptance of things as they are. I did not try to force things to fit into how I wanted them to be. I did not want to play the victim in whatever circumstance and therefore decided to take reality as it presented itself. I had the perception that in accepting reality as it is I could handle whatever came up. I also incorporated others in that I accepted them to be the best judges for what was right for them. Another technique was that I was open to experience. I ensured that I faced every experience with curiosity to gain as much as I could from them. I also perceived that the experiences would eventually evolve over time.

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There were a couple of instances where I was not mindful during the week, and one of them was when I had to make a presentation in class. I was afraid of standing in front of the class to present to the extent that I had opted for absenting myself to escape the experience. However, I realized that I would be a new experience that would help build my confidence and raise my grade and therefore did it. Another instance was when I received feedback concerning an exam we had done from one of my professors. My result was not pleasing, and I felt bad of how I had performed. I thought if I had studied more I would have had a better score. However, I desisted from feeling bad about the score because I would not change it. I decided to study better for the next one to ensure my grade improved.

The effect of my change in mindfulness

My change in mindfulness made me feel less disappointed in myself. I learned to accept the person I am with the success and mistakes that come with being me. I decided to take one step at a time and trained my mind always to be open to whatever experience comes my way.

The most difficult part of the exercise was accepting that I will fail in some instances. I am a perfectionist and therefore will expect to the best in everything I do. Therefore, learning to accept my personal failure was the most difficult for me.

The most rewarding part was getting to learn more about how resilient I am. It was the unpleasant score that helped me work more and get what I want.

Other ways of relieving stress include engaging in different forms of exercise. Exercise is believed to be one of the activities that can ease stress. Therefore, any kind of exercise including yoga, running, swimming and much more is useful. Taking deep breaths also helps in dealing with stress. In many instances when one is anxious about something he or she will take a deep breath and the anxiety will be gone. It is, therefore, effective in relieving stress.

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