Personal Essay Example on The Waves Knock Over

Published: 2019-09-17
Personal Essay Example on The Waves Knock Over
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The wind was roaring, the huge cold waves were hitting me one after the other. My legs started shaking then my body followed. I was now shaking uncontrollably not because of the cold but fear. Thoughts of regret and death run simultaneously through my mind. I should have listened, I should have stayed at home. What if I die? What is this now? Oh my God? Were the many questions in my mind. The world appeared as a treasure and joyful place as I started imagining my own funeral. Another hit from a wave and I was brought back to reality. I started feeling strange, I didnt feel my legs, my hands too, the feeling was creeping all over my body then my world went blank.

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Earlier, the day had started in a perfect way for me. The cloudless, sunny sky enticed me to seek adventure. The warm weather was an additional advantage. As I bid goodbye to my parents as they left for work, I was convinced that that it was the perfect day to seek adventure. My mums voice reached me as I rushed back to the house.

Dont go out again with your crazy friends? said mum.

No sooner had they left than I run to ask some friends to join me. They all agreed and we set out to experience the ocean waters on a nearby beach. On arrival, there was a pleasant breeze licking at the wave in the ocean. Strange enough there were very few people on the waters that day but the excitement especially mine could not let us question not even see a wisp of a could lingering in the sky just a few meters from us. Although I noticed the levels of water had risen I was too excited to acknowledge it. We started swimming on the shallow ends but two of my friends got bored.

Let go deeper Brown started looking at us

Oh Yes! This is getting boring followed Steve and started swimming towards the deeper side.

Ok agreed on Raj and followed the two who were already calling out on us to follow them

I was a little bit hesitant. All of them were expert swimmer except me. Although I loved swimming, the venture of going deeper was my greatest fear. Also, this was a new territory for me I had never gone into deeper waters. I was only familiar with swimming on the shallow parts as it was comfortable and enjoyable. I was not a perfect swimmer and believed that deep waters required experienced swimmers. Fatal accidents may happen. Nevertheless, I decided to try it as my friends shouts were increasingly encouraging me. My adrenaline spiked as we entered into the unknown. I looked all around, taking in the vision of vast open ocean to the right and narrow canals to the left, feeling as if I had entered into a whole new world.

Come on, dont be a whip Steve shouted and they all burst out laughing.

I will teach you how to survive in here affirmed my closest friend Raj.

Ok, I answered and started swimming toward them.

Hurray, they cheered as I reached them. However, as I entered into the unknown, my adrenaline spiked. I looked all around, taking in the vision of the wide open ocean and the waves that were coming one after the other. I felt as if I had entered into a whole new world. I snapped out of my state of awe when Raj started showing me many valuable tactics of swimming and survival in deeper waters including how to enjoy the waves maximally. My other two crazy friends were helping but playing tricks on me. At one point they pulled me from under the water and I panicked thinking that an underwater creature was dragging me down into the depths of the water. But, they came out laughing out loud. I was so furious I wanted to get out of the water but they convinced me to stay after promising not to play any more tricks on me. Soon we were enjoying the waves that were coming in a smoothly giggling all the time. We were so involved in it that we did not notice that we had drifted apart and deeper into the Ocean. The area had also become dark as a result of heavy clouds which had covered the whole area.

I was brought back to reality after a huge wave knocked me over. I had not yet recovered from the shock of the first one when another one reinforced the first one. I was terrified as I roared over and over inside the water. I gathered all my strength and kicked the water with the determination to battle it and eventually rose to the surface. Off in the distance, I heard a faint motor. I popped my head up and saw a boat headed our direction once again

Help! Raj! I cried, small-voiced as soon as I got into the surface.

The water was still getting into my mouth. There was no answer. The only sound that could be heard was the sound of the rough sea as the waves crashed into the shores and roared over me knocking me over and over again. It was then that it dawned on me. I had was alone in the ocean as my friends had probably swum into the shores leaving me to my fate or were somewhere asking for help having drifted off just like me. The waves were now gushing a lot of energy and I had no time to breathe but I kept on struggling to raise to the surface.

I was getting tired as the waves kept on knocking me over and over again. At one point I felt like letting myself sink to the bottom of the ocean by allowing the water to enter my lungs since the water entering my mouth was too much. But, my determination to survive would not let me give up, I kept on kicking and kicking but fatigue was weighing on me. I decided to be still for a moment despite the raging waves. By now I was shivering involuntarily. I tried all the survival tactics raj had shown me but all was in vain. My legs were numb it was taking over my body and I started drifting into a blank world.

Finally, in between my drifting, I heard the sound of a boat approaching. A glimpse of hope shined before me as I saw a distinct image of a boat headed in my direction. I tried to raise my hand to ask for help but I couldnt.After that, I couldnt have been in the water longer than seconds, but my memory stretches like the reel of a film. Each frame full of sights, sounds and sensations. I remember the rough waves, the dark waters above me, the human voices and shadows on top of me and some arms reaching in and yanking me out of the water. I remember coughing and coughing, and then the reels are cut off with no more images. I woke up to find my friends looking at me in awe. There was a feeling of confusion as I wondered what had just happened but eventually I realize it and am grateful for having survived such an ordeal. My friends told me that they swam to the shores after they had tried looking for me in vain. After learning about the incident, my parents were a little bit furious that I didnt follow their advice but they were grateful and thankful to God and to those people who saved me.

Now, through the experience, I have faced my fear of deep waters. I have also learned to be calm in scary situations. Even if the body and the heart may fail there is a need to take a pause so that you can be able to find ways to survive. The most important lesson learnt was to always listen to parents. Had I listened to them in the fast place I would have never been it that situation. Next time I will be brave enough to get into the deep waters but in calm waters. For the love of swimming, I dont think this experience will keep me away from the water.

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