Free Essay Example: Total Quality Principles

Published: 2024-01-14
Free Essay Example: Total Quality Principles
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Total Quality (TQ) Principles number one should be the customers and stakeholder focus. It should be given priority in a company's strategic planning. A company's products must meet the consumers' expectations, and neglecting them would affect the company's efficiency. A product must have a superior quality for consumers to be loyal. Without customer loyalty, a company cannot have reliable consumers for their product. The market is competitive, and there has to be a strong connection between the service producers and providers. Organizations must come up with the most efficient and sustainable systems that can enhance high-quality products that meet the consumers' demand. However, to achieve a customer-driven perspective in strategic planning, some TQ Principles must also play a part.

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An organization cannot embrace a robust process orientation TQ Principles if the consumer is not in the bigger picture. A process's main objective is to ensure products reach the customer's expected quality. Process orientation requires people, energy, equipment, facilities, and capital, and all want to produce what can please the consumers. For an organization to produce quality products, these factors must be present. For instance, a salesperson will connect the customer and the product and offer education on how to use a specific product. Also, the production processes such as mixing, assembly, and approving loans are meant to enhance the customer experience.

The Employee engagement and teamwork TQ Principle cannot take the priority position but enhance customer satisfaction. A company will pay workers well because they are motivating them to work for the consumer's benefit. A worker cannot be creative if their intention is not to please the consumers. When workers have a strong emotional bond with the organization, they work diligently to improve their vision. Such workers are actively engaged in the organization’s strategic planning with improves customer quality. Therefore, this TQ Principle focuses more on human resources than the consumer, but the endpoint is always to please customers.

Continuous improvement and learning TQ principles relate to customer and stakeholder focus. The principle can be compared to the customers and stakeholder focus since it Focuses on changing the organization’s strategies to meet the consumers' demands when a company becomes stagnant in its way of doing things for so long, as customers are interested in their products. For instance, an organization must be conversant with the changing market trends to offer what is irrelevant. Without this training, consumers will receive low-quality products. A technology company that does not consider embracing state-of-art technology will lose its consumers. To achieve improvement and to learn in an organization, the executive must execute some approaches that are feasible in realizing continuous improvement without a break down in the system. Therefore, the principal seeks to enhance value to customer productivity, and the management with the bid to produce customer-driven objectives.

In conclusion, the highest-ranking Total Quality principal is the customers and stakeholder focus. An organization that does not put consumers first is bound to fail because they will be doing things that serve their interests and neglect their consumers. Therefore, consumers should be the major focus in an organization and should be central in strategic planning. Employee engagement and teamwork, process orientation, and continuous improvement and learning are comparable to the customers and stakeholder focus TQ principal. The three TQ principals assume the complementary role since they enhance productivity so that customers get superior products.

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