Psychology Essay Example: Personal Needs and Self-reflection

Published: 2018-09-03
Psychology Essay Example: Personal Needs and Self-reflection
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Schön's model of reflection on action

Schön's (1991) 'reflection in action' and 'reflection on action': model seems to fit my personal needs. According to Schön's (1991) model, reflection should occur in action and on action. Fr example, a professional should think on his fit an act immediately they experience some situations. On the other hand, the reflection on action guides an individual on the actions to take after a sit ion or event. For example, once an event has passed good reflection practices require that an individual must analyze their action, and determine what they could have done different. The reflection during the event and after an event should guide an individual on the next step or course of actions to take. Reflection in action occurs during an event such as during lecture or meetings, while reflections on actions occur after an event. In most cases, reflections in and on an event is done in writing. Writing during an event and on an event can help the writer in evidencing his honest and original reflective thoughts.

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As an individual and a practitioner, I think this model of self-reflection is moiré impornat as it involves seeing or viewing and understanding myself objectively (Schon, 1983). Self-reflection is impornat because it helps in future personal growth as past mistakes are corrected. Self-reflection also helps informs how an individual thinks, and reacts to situation in the past and present. A professional must learn how to use insights and learn from their past, assess their present situation and improve their current and future. Self-reflection is therefore important for professionals as it guides them on how to improve relationships, and work performances.

Interpersonal skills

My main weakness when it comes to personal an interpersonal skills include the fact that I am outgoing and can form report easily. I am a reflective individual who thinks before acting but would act faster is situations warrants my fast refasten and I m a fast learners who can understand concepts and develop knowledge and executive task with minimal supervision. Additionally, I consider my ability to reframe and reflect as my strength. I usually struggle to ensure that my personality and behaviors does not affect other people judgments and decision (Dick, &, Dalmau, 2000).

My weakness is that I am poor at coping with change and I can be adversely affected with change or even traumatic experiences. Even though I have problems with other facets of emotional intelligence, I think I am having strong self-awareness, empathy and social skills (Kelman, 1958). I know I still need to improve on self-regulation that is a long-term project that I aim to achieve.

In conclusion, I consider self-reflection as a theory of met cognition because it involves awareness and understanding of my thought processes in everyday life. I have realized that in personal and professional life, I have to develop and practice self-awareness. For example, stopping emotional reaction, changing my core beliefs and developing respect in relationships. To be a good teacher, and a learner, I have realized the importance of back talking. Finally, I find meditation another effects way to begin and practice self-reflection. For example, I have found that through mediation, I can easily evaluate and apply self-reflection by analyzing what I plan to achieve, analyze what I am doing in each context, what may affect my progress and what I can do to change my situation.


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