Free Essay. My Leadership Experience That Has Contributed to Group Efforts

Published: 2023-02-22
Free Essay. My Leadership Experience That Has Contributed to Group Efforts
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Leadership in any context means more than the title. I have learned from my past experiences that leadership means taking the lead role and being a mentor to others. My leadership skills have gradually evolved as a result of my experiences as the coordinator of various study groups in school. On the first day of every class, I often form study groups and influence students interested in studying outside the campus premises to join it. My goal in such instances is to promote academic success among students who have desires to work as a team.

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During this year's spring semester, I formed two study groups that brought together students from different classes. In total, only 20 students had joined the two groups by the end of the third week. Most of the members, however, were not active, and thus, I had a tough job explaining to my peers the benefits of joining my study groups. Also, I had to show the best leadership to retain members who had already enrolled in the platforms.

As a small team of about 20 members, we were not only strong but also had important ideas that transformed our groups. Suddenly, many students who kept to themselves spoke up and expressed their interest in joining my study groups. They were also excited about attending weekly meetings. The new members were valuable since they brought suggestions that improved the team. By the end of the second month, the two study groups were a great success. To me, this situation could not have happened without harnessing the power of teamwork. I experienced first-hand the power of coordinating members and prioritizing cooperation over personal interests. Group efforts bore positive results since everyone scored good grades in the final exams. By the end of the semester, I had understood the skills, talents, and abilities of individual members, and I matched them to more fulfilling tasks in academic and social life. At the moment, the team has achieved a lot since individuals choose tasks that they feel most comfortable with.

How I Have Utilized Educational Opportunities in School

Various educational opportunities have enabled me to grow intellectually and as a person. Since I joined college, I have taken full advantage of tutoring and study lab programs designed for different courses. Early in the morning and late in the evening after classes, I make good use of tutors and students with skills and expertise in the field of information technology. Students pursuing technical courses such as IT usually meet at study labs where they solve problems in topics such as algorithms, code structure, and looping. I have taken this opportunity to learn essential skills outside my professional training, including CISCO technologies and Java.

An opportunity to learn short courses in the field of information technology has expanded my intellectual horizons. This aspect has taught me the essence of seeking connections in the intersections of fields as an approach to enhance interdisciplinary thinking, creativity, and innovation. For the time I have been in college, I have utilized tutoring programs to learn basic concepts of programming and CISCO technologies. As a result of close interactions with other students around me, I have learned advanced concepts in algorithms, looping, and code structure.

To me, tutoring programs are an outstanding opportunity that I have utilized to learn essential concepts in programming. However, it was challenging to learn CISCO technologies, among other topics, because its concepts are entirely different from what I have learned in my course. On interacting with my peers, I noted that programming is not just raw mathematics, as it involves other advanced concepts such as data structures and loops.

My determination to make good use of tutors, tutoring resources, and other students, among other opportunities, has enabled me to learn subjects such as coding and programming. Through these opportunities, I have learned how programming can be used to improve the power of the internet and computers. At the moment, I spent more than three hours daily interacting with tutors and students pursuing other courses to enhance my knowledge in different fields.

How I have Furthered My Interest in Programming

The academic subject that inspires me the most is programming and coding. Ever since I was a kid, I loved interacting with computers and solving puzzles. My dream to practice programming and coding came true when I entered my first computer science class in college. This move was an opportunity to learn concepts and skills of great importance in designing and analyzing software used to solve problems in scientific, business, and social contexts.

Since I joined college, I have furthered my interest in programming through both class and outside-class activities. While in school, I often utilize potent computers connected to high-speed internet to test various computational systems. I usually design software and applications at home and test them with powerful computers at school. Also, I often make good use of high-speed internet in school to watch online tutorials on how to design and build executable computer programs.

I have enhanced my knowledge of programming by developing close relationships with professionals in the field of computer science, including professors and tutors. This aspect has enabled me to improve my knowledge in programming and coding since I can freely consult experts and professors by voicemail, email, and even face-to-face.

Outside the classroom, I have furthered my interest in programming by attending professional seminars, workshops, and conferences. I have learned from my past experiences that these events are of great importance in building professional networks. Conferences and seminars, in particular, have enabled me to gain practical skills in programming. These events present opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge learned in class into practical life situations. Attending conferences has enabled me further my interest in programming since it is a way to gain valuable ideas from people with expertise in computer science. From these events, I have developed professional networks, and thus I can engage in meaningful conversations with experts about programming. Close interactions with experts have enabled me to gain practical skills in advanced programming languages such as typescript, rust, swift, python, and JavaScript.

Admission to the University of California

My outstanding academic qualifications make me a suitable candidate for admission to the University of California. While most students often join community colleges because their academic achievements are not so good, I went to Diablo Valley College to save money. My experiences in college have enabled me to develop social and emotional skills, which is essential in nourishing positive relations with self and others. My outstanding academic performance has translated into great work ethic and positive social experiences. The University of California is committed to promoting ethical behaviors in all spheres of life. As such, admission to the institution is an excellent opportunity to nurture the work ethics that I have maintained in my life.

Besides my goal to maintain excellent academic achievements, I actively engage in various extracurricular activities, including club sports, volunteer work, and community services. In this regard, I love sports, and I aspire to be one of the best athletes. I also enjoy playing spike ball and other activities, such as biking. The University of California recognizes the role sports play in our lives, and therefore, admission to the institution is an opportunity to further the importance of outdoor sports. I like organizing and coordinating sporting events such as hockey, cricket, and volleyball. I understand the role of these events play in keeping students healthy, wealthy, and active as they pursue their educational goals.

Since I joined Diablo Valley College, I have made a large group of friends that we share educational experiences and play sports together. As a team, we can easily form study groups, commiserate over mistakes, and share ideas for projects. I have learned that friendship enables students to be better prepared to face the challenges of higher education. If allowed to join the University of California, I will encourage students to make friends among themselves as a way to promote good relations and, most importantly, a conducive learning environment. I value friends in college because friendship increases a sense of belonging and purpose, promotes self-worth, and self-confidence, and helps reduce stress in one's educational journey.

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