Essay Example on Tools for Implementing an Evidence-Based Approach

Published: 2022-12-01
Essay Example on Tools for Implementing an Evidence-Based Approach
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The rate at which diseases are increasing together with limited funds as well as growing in science basis intervention has suggested that there is need of improving health of general members of public. This has raised concern for the public health doctors to be prepared in implementing an evidence founded or based approach within their duty in attempt of meeting health goals while still maintaining the necessary resources. This was done through researching easy and accessible tools for the purpose of implementing an indication or evidence - based public health mostly known as (EPBH), an approach of raising the health of the members of public. In connection to this, there are several tools which has been developed to meet the needs of EPBH. These needs includes free online sources in following disciplines; planning and training tools, The US health investigation, the policy tracking and scrutiny, methodical reviews and evidence - based rules , the finally the economic assessment. There are also the main elements of EBPH which includes involving public in valuation as and also in making decision, use of data systems in a very systematic way, coming up with decision on grounds of the excellent - peer reviewed evidence for both qualitative as well as quantitative, relating the program preparation outlines that is based on well-being - conduct theory, leading the sounding theory and finally distributing what is being assimilated.

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As it has been already discussed, EPBH is an integration of the science grounded interventions together with community for in order to improve their health. This concept always evolves at the same time as a dissertation on the evidence grounded practice in various disciplines such as nursing, medicine, psychology as well as social worker. The scholars in the above mentioned disciplines seems to have agreed that there is integration of evidence - grounded process and making decision.

The process of public health decision making is a complicated one due to the complexity of inputs. As it is commonly known, public health evidence is being derived from the both experimental studies and cross sectional studies instead of the random controlled trials which is commonly used in the field of medicine. It is matter of fact that study designs in public health lacks the comparison group which means that the interpretation of study has to account for a number of cautions. Furthermore, public health interventions are singe interventions which always involves big scale of the population and change in policy which in one way or the other needs to balance the tastes of large groups, and often diverse groups of people.

Proper training of the public health workforce changes more than exercising in medicine or any other known clinical disciplines. It is being noted that almost half of the public health workers are usually holder of formal training in discipline of public health like health education and epidemiology. Due to those variations, it is being noted that no certificates or credential s being given those public health doctors. However, in current times giving of credentials has been initiated by the by Board of Public health Evaluators. That is the action of disciplinary which needs to be undertaken to all those practitioners who are not consistent. This is because issues of health are very delicate in nature which must be protected by all means. Also the aspect of decision making on methods to take when evaluating the public health should be highly considered since it is a complex activity.

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