A Moment Remembered - Personal Essay Sample

Published: 2021-03-15
A Moment Remembered - Personal Essay Sample
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I'll never forget sitting in the cozy movie theater with my family, when my mom called from Idaho, and said that our beloved house was on fire. This piece of news struck me like a lightning. For some minutes I tried to come to consciousness, but it was not easy because a mixture of negative emotions struggled inside of me. I rushed back in to get my poor dad and he talked to my mom who was as grey as a ground and then looked at me. He was in shock; his dark brown eyes were full of fear. I had to tell him to get in his car and go to our pretty house that was enveloped in flames now and see what was going on. He ran out and left. I went back into the theater, and got my two brothers and my 3 year old adopted sister and I loaded them into the car. They were confused and frightened at the same time because they saw my strong anxiety and looked to me for answers. I was all adrift what to tell them, so I drove them to my grandparents house and was pulled over by the police on the way over. The officers name was William Cleveland, a good family friend. He ran up to my car as quick as thought, and asked if there was anyone in the house. Thankfully, I was able to tell him it was empty. The terror was depicted on my face, so he told me to be safe and get the kids to my grandparents. I got to my grandparents and dropped them off, and told Landon who was the next oldest to watch carefully Gabe and Emma. I left and drove to my house, confused and scared of what it might look like. A faint hope still flickered in me that our sweet home was still the same as it was when we had left it. I got quickly to a point where I could see the house in flames. These flames were licking out of windows and there were at least seven fire trucks, police and ambulances. Siren horns deafened me but I tried to stand my ground. I sped into the drive way. Bitter flavor was thick in the air. It was starting to get dark right about then. So, the tings were heating up more and more. There were probably seventy people in my driveway and yard. I tried to make them out but for me they were only a huge black mass. The first person I was able to see was my Grandpa Jerry and then Grandma Pat. My Grandma was hysterical. Tears were rolling down her plump and rosy cheeks. My Grandpa told me to take her to their house. I barely got a glimpse of the house before I had to take her home. The picture that I saw inspired fear. My granny kept trying to talk, but I could not understand her because she was crying so hard. I got her to her house and gave her a glass of fresh water, and told her to relax and drink it. She was a mess. The glass of water was trembling in her hands. I felt bad leaving her all by herself, but I had no choice. I couldn't let my siblings see her like that. They did just for a few minutes, and they knew something major had happened. They turned to me for answers, but I knew I wasn't the right person to tell them. I took them to our family friends house.

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I sped back home it was around eleven, when I got back to the house and saw my dad talking to the Fire Chief. I saw the fire men knocking down our cabinets in the kitchen, where the fire started and more in my room where the windows were black from smoke, and broken from heat. There was a smell of burning in my room that I started coughing. My eyes were suffused with tears and I could not help crying. After being strong for the people I was responsible for, my Grandma and my siblings, I snapped and broke down in tears. I saw my family's dream house ruined before my eyes. It was a picture from horror films for me.

This horrible event matured me and made me realize that beloved family is and always will be the first. Although I was quite young I chose to act like an adult and help my family before myself during this tragic event. That maturity is a characteristic I work and strive to never lose. Everything worked out, and this event changed me for the better.

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