Essay Example: Reflection Narrative on Confidence

Published: 2020-04-28
Essay Example: Reflection Narrative on Confidence
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Authors say that confidence is the full trust and belief in power, trustworthiness, and reliability that a person has on oneself. If we accept that point of view, then psychologists do not have to explore the perception of their clients' point of view. Additionally, the psychologists do not also need their clients to report their claims about what confidence is and the causes of confidence. People may report confidence in a variety of ways, one of the ways is that it is an in-borne and extremely important aspect in the lives of everyone in the society. People should not therefore struggle to find it as others do. People usually consider confidence as a vicious circle and that people that lack self-confidence are usually unsuccessful. In practice, people usually find it difficult to support projects that are headed by people that are nervous and show minimal confidence in themselves. Therefore, confidence is what determines the success of ones daily activities.

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On the other hand, people get persuaded by people who speak clearly, answer questions with assurance and admit on the occasions they have no knowledge certain issues. People who are confident inspire others to become confident. Students usually face difficult times gaining confidence, and gaining confidence is one of the major ways through which people become successful. Students can learn how to develop confidence and their teachers should be on the forefront to help them develop their confidence. Researchers have identified various ways that help in improving confidence in one another. The first way is to identify the negative thoughts that people have. This is the identification of the thoughts that come into ones mind making them think that I cant do that, I will surely fail, no one want to hear what I want to say among others. The pessimistic voice in people tends to derail the success in every person.

The second way that people can work on their confidence is to turn their negative thoughts into positive thoughts. By concentrating on the formation of positive thoughts, one has the power to form positive affirmations, and this leads to makes one develop thoughts that makes assurance such as I am going to try it, I can be successful if I work at myself, People will listen to my ideas and adopt them, among others. The secret to developing self-confidence is to start with positive thoughts. The third way to develop self-confidence is to allow positive thoughts to occur more often than negative thoughts, and this is where one should give more brain space to the positive thoughts than to the negative thoughts. By counteracting the negative self-thinking with positive thinking, one develops a natural positive self-thinking and boosting of their natural confidence.

Ones friends also have great impacts in influencing ones confidence, and people should look for friends that help them to develop positive thinking and self-confidence. People should develop close interactions with families and friends that help in uplifting the positive perspectives of life. Additionally, people should refrain from the thoughts that make them feel bad. Some friends when they are engaged in a chat, they tend to make some negative remarks about others and criticize actions; such friends are some of the reasons for low confidence levels in. Other friends and family members who are fond of giving opinions about what you should or ought to have done serve to demoralize people and lead to lowering ones self-confidence. It is evident that as one takes positive steps and work out on your success, the naysayers increase in number, and it is advisable that one reduces contact with such people.

Confidence majorly deals with the balancing ones attitudes and ensuring a balance between under-confidence and over-confidence. Being under-confident makes one avoid taking steps and stretching oneself towards success. Balancing between confidence and under-confidence helps in setting ones own goals and objectives. Being over-confident makes a person take too much risk and stretch oneself beyond capabilities. On other occasions, when a person is so optimistic, he tends to become so confident that he does not give enough efforts to success. This can make a person crash leading to the destruction of ones plans and ambitions. Under-confidence also makes a person take too minimal risks and which then deters people to try out new projects for self-development. Therefore, to acquire the right amount of success in oneself, there is the need to have the right amount of self-confidence, and this majorly entails having the right ability and focusing on the reality.

Having the right confidence enables one to take informed risks and stretch oneself but with moderation to ensure optimum success. Researchers, scholars and psychologists have been engaging on numerous studies about confidence, its effects and the ways that can be used to minimize its effects in the society. Developing self-confidence is the first stage to ensure ones success and without it, one is bound to have negative thoughts in ones mind and this only serves to derail the abilities of a person.

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