Religion Essay Sampe: A Visit to Hillsongs Worship Center

Published: 2022-04-14
Religion Essay Sampe: A Visit to Hillsongs Worship Center
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As a casual observer, I visited the Hillsongs worship center after having listened to a number of their songs on YouTube. A feeling to want to learn more about the religion led me to the worship center, where I got to be received by a well-organized team of ushers. The team had well-designed outfits which made them easy to recognize from the large crowds. The visitors were welcomed and directed to their right sitting positions while the other members received handshakes and also led to the unoccupied sections of the church. It was such a massive building but was entirely occupied by believers who seemed eager to start the service. The worship team was already on the stage and were singing a few of their own composed music, and the lyrics of these songs were being projected on a wide screen in front of the members. The church had an IT sector which was filled with a number of lights and sound operators who were responsible for the different lights effects in the church. This made the entire church glow with amazing light effects.

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It was amazing witnessing the level of dedication the teams had in their work, the ushers were subdivided into smaller groups and allocated different tasks, a team was allocated a portion of the vast church, and they were responsible for the comfort of that section, a team in pink was selected to provide care for the children and another time was responsible to ensure all the members got to park their cars among other activities before the service beginning. After most of the members were settled, the worshiping team began by conducting worship songs which were all self-composed. Some of the worship songs I had heard of such as 'Grace to Grace,' 'wonderful,' 'So Will I' among other songs. The lyrics video projected which made it easier for the entire church congregation to follow up on. After the worshiping session which I would comfortably refer to an intensive worship moment was followed up by a deep prayer session. One of the worship team leaders led with intersession prayers which were received by many by an act of joining in the prayers. In a moment everyone was praying, and one could feel the peace in the air before this was ended by well-organized instrumental session then a finalizing prayer which ushered in the next moment of praise.

The service was filled with a lively moment where everyone was jumping up and down dancing to the lovely gospel music which was playing and lead by the praise and worship team. This session went on for a while before coming to an end. The service coordinator then came in and welcomed all the new visitors for coming to worship with them and also appreciated everyone for the beautiful worship that had just ended. She also acknowledged the technical team responsible for the stunning lighting effect in the church and the amazing audio control. Before welcoming the next speaker, the entire service congregation was requested to appreciate the usher for the amazing job they were doing organizing such a huge gathering.

Then came the announcement session. The coordinator first welcomed the young Hillsongs worship team which was launching its new worship song called 'Peace' it was such an amazing song which was received with such warm hearts. It was such an encouraging moment. After that then a few church announcements were made which involved the coming week's services and the different charity works which were in progress. Then came the time to welcome the speaker. That particular day the there was an invited guest speaker who had been invited to preach to the church and had such informative information to share with the members. The session took the most protracted period but was such an informative session on how to receive the Holy Spirit as a Christian.

After the preaching was done a prayer session followed where any member who had a sickness or a problem was requested to stand and get their issues dedicated to the lord, even those disabled got a chance to receive prayers which were specifically directed to their needs. It was time for offerings, and in the meantime, the praise and worship team was singing and praising the lord while the members offered their offerings as well as tithes. This led to the next proceeding which involved the prayers for the given offering and the concluding prayers. Everyone was appreciated for coming by the service coordinator gave his closing words asking everyone to at least say a word or two to anyone on their way out.

It was such a fantastic worship session where everyone got the chance to know each other and worship the lord. On the exit pathway, I realized the flag of the church alongside the American Flag raise high. The entrance had the church logos designed on the walls and holy cross high on top of the church building's roof. Religiously the observations made were terrific, and I would probably invite another person to visit the church. As per the American religion framework, the worship center meets the Christianity perspective of worship of God, a home for the children, the old, both men and women as well as the disabled. The church had no sort of political implications throughout the service which showed the dedication of the church to Christianity and not politics. This made me love the church more. The observation practice was productive from my assessment.

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