Internal Transfer Application, Essay Sample

Published: 2022-03-15
Internal Transfer Application, Essay Sample
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"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sail to always reach my destination" is a quote by Jimmy Dean, however, to me, it is a guiding principle to life. One should never blame their failure to reach their long-term goal to decisions made in the past, external factors or current challenges, instead, they should blame it on their inability to make the right choices in the present. In high school, I was good at communicating and interacting with different people, which led me to the desire to become an event manager. I worked hard to attain strong grades that helped get admitted to NYU to major in Hospitality and Tourism. I hoped to gain the skills and knowledge to become conversant with my field. However, soon after enrolling at NYU, I was introduced to macroeconomics, and I had to "adjust my sails" and pursue a more interactive course.

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Pursuing a degree in Hospitality and Tourism was not a mistake; somewhat it has been an awakening experience that has helped me reevaluate my desire and choices available. It would have helped enhance interactions, however, that is not all I would want to achieve. My turning point came early on as we were being introduced to an "Introduction to Microeconomics." I found myself attentive and captivated by the principles of economics, in fact, I had an unending urge to understand important concepts and principles like the country's standard of living and the role of production to the economy. My desire to understand how to influence the standard of living made me realize I always wanted to become an economist. I am not only interested in pursuing the subject matter of the course, but also understand principles that underlie the subject. The course is more realistic and not only uses theories and diagrams to explain phenomena or behaviors, but also relies on concrete assumptions that I understand.

Through personal research, I have learned that economists are some of the most renowned thinkers in the world. Most of them are exposed to various cultures, which makes me uniquely qualified since I also have a rich multi-cultural background. I was born in India, brought up in Hong Kong and currently studying in the United States. The subject enhances critical skills for its student, for example, critical thinking, innovativeness, analytical and problem-solving skills, which are not only vital to the field, but also transferable to real-life situations. The theories and diagrammatic representation of situations are not all that will be offered in the course since its principles and lines of thought used by economists could be molded to different situations. It has a solution to almost every issue in the world, for example, inflation, trade, poverty, development, etc., and I would like to offer good solutions when needed.

My social background and experiences have also made me admire the course. Whenever am at home, I help with my family's export and import business. Recently, the business' revenue has been falling due to trade restrictions and price sensitivity of its customers. My father worked hard to establish and build the business for over a decade and has always expressed a desire to build it further. The course will put me in a unique position to understand underlying issues and make the appropriate decisions, which could mean the difference between going under and breaking even. It may have taken me longer to get here, however, now that I realize what I need to do, I hope to get better control of what happens in the future. A degree in Economics is the right adjustment to my sail, and if given a chance I will live up to the standards of the course.

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