Free Essay on the Themes of Inclusion, Social Progress, and Gender Roles (The Night of the Satellite)

Published: 2022-06-27
Free Essay on the Themes of Inclusion, Social Progress, and Gender Roles (The Night of the Satellite)
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Being socially included in the society means experiencing a sense of belonging, having valued roles in the community, actively participating in the community, having social relationships with others, and being involved in the activities based on personal preferences. Inclusivity is likely to reduce poverty. Evidence suggests that inclusive political settlements can also foster peace in the community (Festing, Marion, Angela & Lynn Schafer 720).In any society, inclusion addresses the differences between elite and universal target groups. In respect to gender, inclusion is defined as an individual's ability to contribute fully and effectively to an entity. On the other hand, when it comes to social progress, the focus is on the dominating measures like access to higher education, personal safety, and environmental protection. The American society has a set of ideas about gender roles and how every man or woman should dress, behave, and present themselves in any setting. However, feminists understand gender as social constructions of the categories based upon what is considered as culturally appropriate behaviors and attributes. In the book, 'The Night of Satellite,' the three themes (inclusion, social progress, and gender roles) come out clearly. The characters in the book are richly developed, from Mallory and Paul to friends they are visiting.

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The story provides comprehensive details on how the fight broke out between Paul and Mallory. The existence of the fight between these two individuals brings out the themes of gender roles and social inclusion. The main cause of the quarrels and fight between them is the differences in opinion and the ways in which they need to handle various events that transpire in the course of their life. There is also the aspect of the two young adults staying together and this depicts the theme of inclusion. The state of affairs that enables them to stay together implies that they share a lot in common despite the quarrels and misunderstandings that they experience on a regular basis. It illustrates that the society has come to accept that both genders, which is male and female can amicably stay together and co-exist while trying to find common grounds on the various challenges that they come across in life. Thus, the theme of inclusion is amicably portrayed in the book by the fact that both Paul and Mallory stay together despite the challenges that they go through in life. Each one of them believes that in as much as they quarrel and disagree, they have to stay together as one family.

It is critical to point out that when the two went out to visit their friends who are renting a farmhouse for the summer, they encountered a car in the road on their way. However, the occupants of the car who were equally young couple had some kind of dispute. The scenario implies that the theme of inclusion exist in the society as the couples were staying together. On the contrary, the theme of gender roles has also been illustrated in the development of the story to imply that it could be the major cause of disputes that keep on taking place among the various couples staying together in the society. A significant number of the disputes that have occurred among the characters in the story are due to the differences in opinions among the females and their male counterparts. It is a clear indication that the gender roles are responsible for the persistent occurrence of disputes and misunderstandings among the various coupes as illustrated in the narrative.

In the community, there is always the need to promote social integration and this enables people to participate in cultural and economic activities on the basis of equality of rights, dignity, and equity. The issue of social inclusion is imperative for the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals (achieving universal education, improving maternal health, promoting gender equality, reducing child mortality, and eradicating poverty). To make the society more inclusive for people with disabilities, there is the need to view the disability community as a valuable consumer, employ people with disabilities, and increase their representation in the political setting. It is also prudent to integrate disability history in school curriculums and promote social inclusions in schools.

There is the need to reinforce repetitive gender role and practice in the community. This is the only way to create an environment where collective responsibility is a priority. From the book, Boyle does an excellent work of building tension and conflict between Mallory and Paul. He seems to be saying the two (Paul and Mallory) have to be adaptable in their personal life and relationships. They should be ready for anything anytime. From the beginning, it is clear that the relationship between Paul and Mallory will not last because they cannot agree on anything.

The developments in the story depict Paul and Mallory who are graduate students on the break between summer and fall terms at their Midwestern University fighting. The theme of social progress is evident in the story because Paul and Mallory are both university students. It suggests that the modern society is making tremendous progress when it comes to the ways in which it treats females. In the past, there were a small number of females who could acquire basic education let alone going up to the university levels to study. The fact that Mallory is attending university studies depicts the existence of social progress when it comes to the acquisition of universal education among both genders in the modern society.

The theme of gender roles is also depicted when Paul wants to ignore the couples who are having a dispute. Paul does not want to get involved in the disputes depicting the two and opts for the need to ignore them and forge ahead with his plans with Mallory which is to reach their destination. Paul believes that it is not right for neither him nor her colleague, Mallory to poke their noses in the businesses of others. However, Mallory thinks otherwise and she wants to aid the young woman who was in an argument with her husband. Mallory strongly believes that it is their responsibility to help their counterparts when they are facing disputes between them. It is the differences in opinion between Paul and Mallory regarding this issue and other various matters that have transpired in the course of their staying together that makes them to persistently argue with one another. The developments in this specific scenario indicate that there is the difference in the two characters school of thought with regards to the roles that they need to play in life. whereas Mallory believes that human beings need to be their brothers' and sisters' keepers and come to their aid in the times of difficulties, Paul; thinks that it is wrong to get involved in other people's affairs. The scenario illustrates the difference in the gender roles between these couples in the society.

The theme of inclusion is also portrayed in the book when the young woman that Mallory wanted to help seemed not to want the help. It shows that despite the fact that Mallory appreciated the importance of coming together as one and amicably solving the problem that the couples were facing as she was a strong advocate for unity and togetherness, the woman thought otherwise. Mallory tried by all means to promote the theme of inclusion but the person she was extending an olive branch to seem not to be interested. Consequently, both Paul and Mallory opted to drive to their friends' house. The theme of inclusion is still evident in the story as Mallory did not give up the prospects of assisting the woman they found along the road arguing with her husband. It is for this purpose as to why when she reached their friends' house with Paul she headed off along with her female friend on bicycles to see if they could offer the necessary help to the woman they passed on their way. It shows that Mallory really wanted to promote the aspect of inclusivity in the society. She believed that it was critical for her to come to the aid of the woman despite the woman denying that she needed help form her the first time she came across her while with Paul.

When both Paul and Mallory went to the bar, they continued to argue. This scenario implies that the two were not always in agreement on various issues that took place in their lives. However, this is a clear indication that the theme of social progress is evident in the society. It is because both females and males are free to air out their views regarding the issues that they believe in and the issues that they do not like. At times, we feel the need to argue because that is the only way we can solve our differences. However, the response of an individual during the argument is likely to be the exact thing that drives him/her crazy. When responses are not rationally chosen, there is a possibility of even a fight.

The freedom of speech and the liberty that women have in the modern society are totally different from what they used to experience in the ancient times when their voices were not being heard. Just like men, women desire to live without the intrusion of others. Freedom is a legitimate desire and it is always prudent to extend it in places of work, proprietorship, marriage, and in residential selection. There is also the need for women empowerment. When Mallory and Paul encountered couples quarreling in a car, Mallory saw it necessary to help. She only wanted to help the young woman. Even though the right to movement is universal, many women in various parts of the world find their mobility restricted whether by cultural or social norms or by legislation. The belief that girls belong at home inhibits their participation in education and is likely to damage their potential for economic empowerment.

The theme of social progress that is being made in the contemporary society is evident from these situations. Also, the fact that Paul could go to the bar with his wife without her being judged also portrays the existence of a society that does not treat women as second-class citizens. There is amicable social progress that is being made in this society. At the bar, the two again encounters the couple they came across on the road who was arguing with one another. It indicates that despite the persistent misunderstandings and quarreling among these couples, they still find a way to stay together and share their opinions to each other which is a sign of proper social progress being made among various couples in life. There were more arguments at the bar before the satellite blazed across the sky and Paul was tapped on the shoulder by what was apparently debris from the satellite. Later on, when both Paul and Mallory were still arguing, they ran into the arguing couples from the road again.

Social progress is very critical because it can lift people out of poverty (He & Muzhi 20). However, a model of human development based on economic progress alone is incomplete. Any society which fails to address basic human needs is not ready to improve the quality of life, protect the environment, and provide various opportunities. Many aspects of social progress tend to improve with income growth. The positive economic performance is not possible without improving o various dimensions of social progress as stipulated in the Millennium Development Goals alongside traditional economic indicators. There are many faces of social inclusion some of which are depicted in the book. Among the faces include education, economic participation, health and access to services, interacting with society and fulfilling social roles, and personal independence and self-determination.

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