Garden Coordinator CV and Cover Letter, Free Example for You

Published: 2022-10-14 17:22:08
Garden Coordinator CV and Cover Letter, Free Example for You
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Strong sense of responsibility and good command of the English language

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One-year experience in the customer service position in Langara Community Restaurant from the year 2017 till today

Worked as a part-time salesperson at the St Pius Stores Limited from the year 2016-2017

During this period, I managed to the creative interactive environment with the customers where most of those that I interacted with gave a positive recommendation based on my service.

I have participated in charity events and multiple community development programs that seek to enhance the welfare of the community


Langara College studying Associate of science Expecting to graduate Next year June

Barjindra college Faridkot, Punjab, India- Bachelor of science, 2013-2016 overage grade being 72.43

New Model Sen. Sec. School, Faridkot (PSEB) where I studied medicine related course with average grade being 85.77

St Linus College Diploma in the Community development and management Programme

Current average

Activities Participated in the community development Programme with St Lawrence Ambulance Team

Outreach programs that seek to enhance community awareness on Environmental Preservation and Conservation

Volunteer in the Red Cross rescue in the distribution of food and medicine.

Cover Letter

November 27, 2018

Director Human Resource Langara Community Garden Society (LCGS)

Business City, NY 54321

5425-Brooke Road

Dear Mr. /Mrs

I am writing about your advertisement in the position of garden coordinator as the vacant position in your organization. I must say that based on the qualification, I realized that the listings are directly parallel to my qualification in the named position

Based on your listing, the above position of garden coordinator entails activities such as overseeing the care and harvest of the LCGS's collective garden. The primary duties will include organization, outreach, and working with garden volunteers and members to plant crops for the upcoming season. I truly believe that I have the relevant skills and experience that your firm is looking from a perfect candidate. Kindly accept my attached resume enclosed in the letter that I believe will give you more details on my educational background, qualification, experience and the necessary skills that qualify me for the post.

I have worked with several organizations such as Langara Community Restaurant and salesperson in St Pius Stores Limited. During all these period, I managed to acquire skills and more experience on how to interact with other members of the firm through teamwork and corporation. I am much aware of the duties and responsibilities that are carried within the department of biological and agricultural department. I have leadership skills and good communication skills fluent in English that I know will be of great value to your organization.

Please find time to review the attached resume as it has additional details for my qualification and experience regarding my career achievement and expertise. I will ensure that I follow up and find out if my background and experience meets your organizational expectation. I believe that my qualification will be of great value to your organization and to foster for the future progress f your firm.

Thank you for the consideration and time.




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