Healthcare Reform Paper Example

Published: 2019-10-17
Healthcare Reform Paper Example
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The article titled Reforming Americas Healthcare (2009) indicates that healthcare reforms are very essential in healthcare sectors as they are the basis for better services and improvements that are of necessity in the said area. It is important to note that reformation comes immediately after some assessments have been made to ascertain the progress and functionality of the current system and operation of the medical line. As previously indicated reforms healthcare are geared towards bettering the amenities and stepping up services and quality delivery to the patients who are the major clients for this case (Baicker, 2004). Some of the adoptable changes stretch deeper to the laboratory. There are innumerable laboratory that are now embracing the new changes that are evident in the health sector so as to realize multifaceted fruits and make the facilities of the healthcare be a notch higher than before. This paper would dwell on five key factors namely; creating policy for efficiency payment updates, improving payments accuracy within the Medicare. Linking payment to quality; measure resources use and provide feedback, and lastly encouraging use of comparative effectiveness information and public reporting and provision of quality services. Apart from that, the paper would try to evaluate the recommendation that was made by MedPac and further discuss the given policies on each and how it ought to be employed in the system for its efficacy.

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Policy for efficient payments

Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPac) took an initiative to effect some changes in its operation for others following suite for its quality services and dispensation of services to meet the patients needs taking into consideration some notable factors. MedPac was established in 1997 to see to it that tee services rendered to the client meet its client satisfaction. The appointed commission on reforms recommended a number of factors that were to be put in consideration on how to allow better services for the patients irrespective of their background or status. It is important to indicate or reiterate that the commission proposes some reduction on overpayment that mostly patients are subjected to. As such, the patients would be able to get affordable care. These charges are set by the commission in the view of harmonizing it to the larger sector of healthcare. Moreover, this is aimed at improving on transparency. It was earlier noted that transparency was lacking in some of the healthcare.

Increasing payment on primary services

The second elements or recommendation that the commission made was that of improving patients accuracy within the healthcare system. They proposed that the healthcare to adopt the technological way of providing services to the clients and most importantly at the payment desk or department so as to improve and enhance accountability for future reference and proper record keeping. The key factor here was to increase payments on primary services so as to aid the care for other important operation taking place in the center with the intent of providing quality services in the system (Commission, Delivery system reform. , 2008). The realization of this would see all the system working in tandem with each and therefore better services rendered on daily basis in the said care.

Regarding linking of payments to quality, the camion recommended the need of changing the payments system. In so doing, they are able to generate more income to improve on the facilities that are in the care system. This would make it easy for the said care to purchase or put dialysis facilities and other crucial facilities into better conditions. There was need to offer better incentives to physicians to allow them conduct their activities well as their work was found to be very involving and this prompted the commission to propose a better package for them. On the same breathe; it is important for the nursing facilities to be improved for this is the pillar of the health services.

Quality productions

Notably, to ultimately realize the quality productions, it was observed that they ought to control medical spending. It was established that there are a lot of miscellaneous items which when controlled can realize to smooth productivity in the health services. All this recommendation and activities that come as a result of its implementations realizes a lot of fruits to improving on quality services and dispensation in the system. To underscore these activities, the recommendation is aimed at improving on the care coordination. This implies that all the daily activities within the system cohere to reduce eminent entropy or state of anarchy (Commission, Medicare payment policy, 2009). Additionally, the fundamental elements advanced above are to reduce preventive readmission in the care. This would see to it that everything is done as per the guidelines and provisions of the healthcare.

Measuring of resources use and providing feedback is a good approach in the healthcare. By measuring the resource, one gets to know the level and magnitude of operations that take place in the care. This ensures that the facilities has all the necessary items required as the feedback would be the right judge to determine whether it has met the required threshold as provisioned in the HealthCare Act (Baicker, 2004). This was also aimed at making the manufacture of drugs to provide their financial status in respect to their entity. The whole idea here is to maintain mutuality and enhance transparency.

Comparative effectiveness

Similarly, encouraging use of comparative effectiveness of information and public reporting would see to it that the healthcare gets the best services. Comparative assessment is also geared towards improving on the areas of weaknesses and implements something which is lacking in the system. This also makes it easy for the public to air out their problem and a more formal way. Using the feedback, from the public, the healthcare stands a better chance to make some corrective measures to allow the functionality of activities.

Primarily, the commission recommended medical home. The aforesaid is the clinical setting that is very crucial for patients taking continual treatment (Commission, Medicare payment policy, 2009). The home medical is of great aid to those who are suffering from chronic diseases.


Conclusively, healthcare reforms are very important in the health sector in that it allows new approaches to be devised for proper coordination and operation of activities. It is common knowledge that changes are inevitable and in this respect, reform too is unavoidable if the sector wants to up its services to reach the higher magnitude. The recommendations made by the MedPac commission are aimed at making the sector to improve on their standards and quality delivery which would mean that the services may be accessed less than one facility. One cannot understate the role that reformation brings to any sector. It is due to this nobility that different changes are initiated which are geared towards making the healthcare realizing its core objectives and goals towards offering quality services to its clients.


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