Paper Example: Association of Critical Care Nurse

Published: 2023-02-14
Paper Example: Association of Critical Care Nurse
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The concept of the American association of critical care nurse started in the year 1969 from the American association of cardiovascular nurses, which was founded to help nurses in their duties through the provision of education. The association formed was committed to patients' needs, thus the basis of several awards the organization received in the past. In 1974, the association attained its first annual national teaching (Calzone et al., 2018). The association launched a bimonthly clinical practice journal as well as a quarterly journal, an essential section of the history. The practice of safeguarding patient and profession as well as standards of profession and beacon award for excellence program present a series of historical events noted between the year 2000 and 2010, among others (Joel, Pacquiao & Navarro 2018).

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American Association of critical care nurses is important to advanced nursing because the organization identifies explicitly with the working environment, which influences the further scope of nursing practice. It has different specialties as well as providing education to nurses, thus crucial to advanced nursing. The association provides leadership in cases of handling patients' burnout issues within the health care system in the regions (Zaccagnini, & Pechacek 2018). The organization has a published report on burnout syndrome, which provides essential steps on handling the conditions thus part of leadership. The organization also leads by providing nursing-related education in the health care system.

The political impact of the American association of critical nurses has been immense based on policies that influence patient and their families positively. The association has been a policy advocate for patients in the healthcare system, thus the political impact of the American association of critical care nurse. The organization has had an influence in shaping policies that directly influence their daily activities as well as of patients' thus organizational political impact in the healthcare system.


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