Annotated Outline and Annotated Bibliography

Published: 2023-01-10
Annotated Outline and Annotated Bibliography
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The term 'annotation' may refer to accumulating explanations, information usually comments or references. Now being aware of the term annotation you can simply say an annotated outline, is then said to be an outline to which the information that is additional in nature is tallied and it makes to be known as annotations. The included information in the annotations is unaverred by the determination of annotated outline, it is also proper to note that 'not all annotated outlines are alike'. An annotated outline's preparation is overseen by a larger course in which nature has the role and project of annotated outline playing as a course in the context as a whole. There are some other instances that the annotations consist of in an expected fashion; this is, explanations or comments, each outline entry appropriate to sources of citations, cited sources information on each and subject sentences.

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Annotated Text

This can be effectively done if, when reading a textbook assignment as an 'active reader' you should already know one ought to have a mind full of questions and as you continue reading, these questions ought to have answers which you should be looking for. Your text should 'annotated 'with a pencil which you should have in hand as the term proposes 'take notes 'in your textbook

The procedure is unlike the passive activity of 'highlighting' the annotating text process helps you be more involved and stay focused on your textbook. Your concentration will evolve in this taking down notes process, it will also aid in your comprehension which will be improved and monitored (Leitner 2008). If you ask your instructor something you don't understand you'll make a fast note about it and then continue reading.

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Annotated Bibliography

We first want to know what an annotated bibliography means, this is a list of documents, articles, and books which are cited upon. An annotation which is an evaluative and descriptive paragraph following each citation with a brief 150-word paragraph (Elhadad 1992). The purpose of this annotation is the quality, relevance, and accuracy that inform the reader of the cited sources. There is a relationship between an annotated bibliography and an annotated outline of which the said outline is the brief paragraph that comes after the reference or citations in the annotated bibliography setup. It is helpful to note that a bibliography creation demands for a variety of rational skills application that can be brief analysis, summarized exposition and informed library research.

How is an Annotated Bibliography Useful?

When defending an argument in research citing sources is important, where a bibliography is a topic research summary of sources. There are reasons when defending an argument, it is vital to cite sources; first learning about the topic, one of the ways to prepare for a research project is by writing an annotated bibliography, secondly, helpful in formulating a thesis, in every research paper there is an argument and to support a thesis that in turn helps you advance a decent perception on what the subject is conversing about (Genest 1986). May also help other researchers, sometimes scholarly and extensive annotated bibliographies are published, and in that sense, you might look for one that is published about your topic.


In writing a literature review, which is simply a survey of scholarly sources on one particular topic, it is key findings, concepts, and developments in relation to an overview. An annotated outline states that your research supports your thesis and this coincides with the literature review as no sources are required to confirm your annotations in the outline plus the review.


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