Free Essay on the Role of the Nurse Practitioners in Promoting Quality and Safety in the U.S

Published: 2020-02-19 09:21:07
Free Essay on the Role of the Nurse Practitioners in Promoting Quality and Safety in the U.S
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The primary function of the NP in the promotion of quality and safety healthcare is the reinvention of primary care. Nurse Practitioners ensure delivery of primary care both in large and small public and private practices in workplaces, schools, and clinics. They take leads in roles of accountability, management, and clinical innovation in primary care (Way et al., 2001)

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There are some methods that the NP can apply in ensuring continuous improvement in the quality and safety of the healthcare systems. According to Hendryx et al., (2002), the first is communication with patients; the Nursing Practitioner should inform the patients about their medication options and responsibilities. This helps in the development of an appropriate management plan for the medication. The second one is documenting patient information. It will assist in the future treatment of the same patient. The third is ensuring continuity in medication management. This method reduces the chances of giving wrong medication to the various patients more so during shifts.

The methods the NP will use to identify and prevent verbal, physical, and psychological harm to patients and staff are varied in nature and their application. The first is encouraging a positive environment of practice with constant respect and trust. This ensures that all the workers and patients feel accommodated thus preventing psychological harm. The other method is developing a culture that eliminates work environments that are hostile; this prevents verbal harm between staffs and patients. Finally, using legal requirements in reporting and preventing injury; this reduces chances of physical harm occurrence within the facility. These methods can be enforced by NP in areas that they are providing the primary healthcare to ensure that their patients and staffs remain safe and active in the entire process of primary healthcare provision (McGlynn et al., 2003).

There are new methods that can make impacts on national patient safety, resources, initiative, and regulations. First, allowing NP to direct their focus mostly on patients and not paperwork; this will ensure quality care is given to every patient in the medication plan. The other is empowering of beneficiaries through transparency improvement; it improves resource allocation to the areas that deserve (Scott, 2009). Lastly, promotion of coordinated care which results in improved care and savings creation.


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