Paper Example: Technologies and Scalability of Website

Published: 2023-01-05
Paper Example: Technologies and Scalability of Website
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Website Technologies

Pick one of the following technologies and describe how it simplifies modern website development: Angular, JQuery or Bootstrap

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The use of bootstrap for web development plays a crucial role in increasing productivity numerous times. Bootstrap forms an essential core of programming techniques. The Bootstrap enhances automatic responsiveness (Stamatakis, Hoover, & Rougemont, 2008). The use of the bootstrap in one's applications will automatically support all the devices from the desktop to mobile phones. Research has further shown that the bootstrap grids offer an essential structure to one's html page (Spurlock, 2013). This is a benefit associated with the speed for development. While driving out of a new website or an application, it is essential to utilize Bootstrap. Rather than coding from the scrape, Bootstrap permits you to use the ready-made coding blocks to help in setting up the website. It is possible for one to blend the CSS-Less functionality and cross-browser compatibility that provides a mechanism through saving the coding hours.

Finally, the use of bootstrap enhances customization. Ideally, it is possible to customize bootstrap as per the design of a given project. The web developers can choose to select the needed aspect which can be efficiently completed through the utilization of the Bootstrap customize page. The developer is, therefore, necessary to tick off all the elements that they need, and these include the standard CSS such as the typography, code, grid system, tables, buttons, page labels, and pagination among others. In this sense, therefore, the developer's custom version of Bootstrap is all set for the process of downloading (Spurlock, 2013). This process simplifies the overall process of web development.

Website scalability

Describe some techniques by which modern websites can scale to handle thousands of concurrent users.

Scalability is an attribute that describes the ability of a process, network, software or an organization to grow and manage the increasing demand. A website that is described as scalable has an advantage based on the fact that it is more adaptable to the changing needs and demands of the users. In a website, the scalability is usually a sign of stability and competitiveness (Guitart et al. 2005). This means that the website system is ready to handle the influx of demand, increased productivity as well as the changing needs and presence of online users. The scalability of the database requires that the database system can perform the additional work considering the given more significant hardware resources.

One of the techniques used in techniques by which modern web sites can scale to handle thousands of concurrent users is shared nothing. Ideally, this is an architectural innovation for the management of the multi-server configurations. The primary aim of this technique is to eliminate the contention among the nodes. Fundamentally, the nodes do not share memory or storage. An alternative architecture is shared anything, in which requests are satisfied by the arbitrary node combination (Allamaraju, 2010). It may integrate the introduction of contention, as the multiple nodes may seek to perform the update on the same data at the same time. To play its function well, the SN eliminates single points of failure, through allowing the overall system to continue operating despite failures within the individual nodes and continue to enable the nodes to upgrade without the system-wide shut down (Guitart et al. 2005). The SN system can, therefore, add the nodes because no central resource bottlenecks the system itself.


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