Free Essay: How a Programmer Would Prove He or She Can Write Code

Published: 2019-11-25
Free Essay: How a Programmer Would Prove He or She Can Write Code
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Programming is a wide area of Computer Science Studies. Programming entails activities like generating algorithms, developing and scheduling understanding, validating algorithms which are inclusive of verifying how correct they are and their resource consumptions, as well as their implementation which is popularly identified as coding (Cuthbertson, 2014). The purpose of this paper is to inform on how a programmer would prove he or she can write a code.

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Firstly, a programmer has to be sharp and with a clear mind that is ready to commit to certain course. Programming and coding entail giving attention to what one is doing. Many at times the people with this talent who delve in it are termed as geeks who apparently have poor social life. Some of them even attempt to come up with software that could cause harm and they develop such with malicious intentions Cuthbertson, A. (2014)..

A programmer can prove that he can write code by showcasing his or her skills in using the programming languages. There are many programming languages and some are developed as technology advances. Take, for instance, one can learn to code in C, Javascritp, Perl, PHP, python, SQL and many others. Coding is these languages comprises coming up with a set of commands that would generate a flow of activity. These commands create a process of automation (Brown, 1984).

Additionally, a programmer can prove that he or she can write a code by taking a test in the program that he or she is conversant with. Today, computers have become an integral part of our personal life as well as work. As time goes by, technology advances and the computers also, and the more we get to understand them is the more we are in position to apply them to solve various problems. One should display the concern of knowing to code by emphasizing how it has become lucrative for employment, and also for in-demand job skillset.

One can also indicate that it is not possible to understand every single thing in programming since there are thousands of programming languages, but one can prove his skills by coding a specific task in a language he or she is good in.

Sometimes when called in for an interview for a job that requires programming skills, one can get skeptical on what the panel would ask. Quite often than not, an individual is caught up with no finished projects. There is no need to worry; the panel in most cases seeks to verify the confidence of the programmer. In my opinion, software is barely in the complete state, one should carry forth what he or she has worked on, the panel would care more on what they really are, how it is written and in this point in time they could ask for practical procedure and explanation. In this particular field, some very talented individuals who apparently never even completed school are working in lucrative positions due to their technical knowledge in coding. It is therefore, crucial for one to be in a position to prove that he or she can code successfully.


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