The Relationship of Physical Fitness to Sustainability - Essay Sample

Published: 2024-01-26
The Relationship of Physical Fitness to Sustainability - Essay Sample
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The role of physical exercises on sustainability is a controversial topic in our contemporary societies. Various scholars and cultures have held different notions on the role that physical activities play in sustainability. Bjørnarå et al. argued that physical exercises improve sustainable mobility where individuals “can adopt various modes of transport in Greek cities” (368). Skayannis et al. also argued that “increased physical activity reduces the risk of overweight and development of chronic diseases in individuals and reduces greenhouse gases emissions to the environment” (86). To affirm these investigators’ findings, I decided to interview Mr. Harry Jackson, a sixty-seven-year-old Miami resident. Mr. Jackson offered me his perception and experiences about the role that physical exercises play in sustainability.

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Summary of Interview

Mr. Jackson is a former high school principal with a doctorate in psychology education. He had his perception of the relationship between physical fitness. He highlighted that physical exercises help individuals cut down their weight, especially individuals with obesity. They cannot develop conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attacks, and so many other complications. Mr. Jackson further explained that if an individual wants to lose some weight, he/she has to burn more calories. If a person wants to burn fat, he/she has to engage in low-intensity workouts in an empty stomach. With these ways, one can sustain himself/herself through physical fitness.

Mr. Jackson explained how physical fitness is important to an individual’s mental status. From his view and experience, Mr. Jackson said that physical fitness distracts one from having bad thoughts. Human beings are prone to disappointments, which may cause even depression to those who may not control their emotions, but through these physical exercises, one can sustain his/her mental status by engaging in various fitness exercises. He further advised that if one has to engage in these physical activities, it is better to exercise with other people to increase social interaction and acquire more knowledge.

Mr. Jackson clued me on how physical fitness can strengthen bones and body muscles. From his experience, Mr. Jackson explained that most kids and teens need to engage in daily fitness activities to build strong bones. Later as they grow old, it helps them not lose bone density, which may later cause a condition like osteoporosis. Mr. Jackson advised that exercises strengthen muscles and help one maintain the mass of the muscles and strength.


After interviewing Mr. Jackson, I was convinced that physical fitness is a great aspect of human sustainability. For a human to acquire good health, you need to carry out regular exercises. The exercises help one avoid developing unhealthy conditions, good mental health, and even strengthening muscles and bones.


I often say that you do not have to become rich: you only need good health, and from that, you can acquire anything you want. After interviewing Mr. Jackson, almost every point he highlighted was majorly based on healthy, now. For one to sustain himself, he needs regular exercises and works out to cut off unnecessary weight and lower down the body fats, which may bring complications to someone’s health

Demographic and personal information

My name is Collins Mayweather, an undergraduate student pursuing a software engineering course at the University of Chicago. I deliver cookies to customers as a part-time job. I was born in a family whereby my parents are of different origins, my father’s ancestry is traced back to West Africa, and my mother’s ancestry is traced from the Caribbean island. In my family, I am the firstborn with the other three siblings. The second and third born is in high school, and our last born is in primary school. I look up to mentoring my younger brother and my two sisters and guiding them throughout their academic journey the same way my father is always doing it. I would also like to congratulate our mother, who is doing her best to make our lives smooth and our days look brighter.

I look at my father. Fathers are the heads of the families. I can testify that my father is more than the family head because he is behind our little success in so many ways. The first thing is that he made us grow spiritually. He is so religious, and he has made us know there is God on whom we shall live on his principles. My father is ever giving moral support to us even when we see that our ship is sinking. He also taught us good morals and how to relate to people.

My life has been fun with sports because I engage myself in sporting activities when I am free in most cases. I love playing football, and I wish one day I would make it to the top. Football helps me avoid idling because I mostly spend more time with my teammates on training for upcoming fixtures. On that note, I am also getting better health-wise because when I am playing, I sweat a lot and burn more calories and, therefore, place my health in a better position.

I do admire Michel Jackson. I love the passion he had for his success and the impact of his music worldwide. I take it as a lesson that everyone has the ability and potential to make it to the top. You only need a passion that triggers you to reach your possibilities. My ideal role model is our former president Barrack Hussein Obama. Obama lived his dream despite originating from a humble background. He inspires me a lot, and I also believe one day I will live my dream.

I will consider an individual an ideal role model if they have emerged successful in a given discipline using ethically and legally-accepted means. These individuals are a motivation to the humble, focused, and motivated individuals in our societies. Therefore, I will consider one ideal role model if their works and achievement can motivate others to become ambitious ethically and legally.

Music as my Most Influential Art

Music influences me so much. I am a great fanatic of conscience Hip Hop. When I feel low, I play some Hip Hop music, which hits different at that moment and feels like that is all I need to get back to my spirits. I also listen to music when I want to know the trend in our contemporary societies. The music provides me with entertainment, and the careful weaving and rhyming of words have hidden and open meanings that help me in my daily encounters. The music also informs me about current and past issues in our societies, helping to establish the gap that requires bridging.

Experiences and Possible Occupation

Making new friends is the most fun and beneficial experience I have had in my life. When I hang out with my new friends, I learn new things maybe have never had or experienced. Making new friends has also enabled me to develop cultural harmony and competence where I recognize every person without any racial, cultural, gender, or occupational prejudice. My mother was sick, and I was very far away from her, so I could not offer her help. That was the most sorrowful experience I have ever gone through. I often wish that I could take back time in time to be there for her. I want to be a surgeon. I believe I was born to serve humanity. It is the reason why I wanted to be a surgeon so that I could save people’s lives.

I would hate to become a teacher. Although teaching helps to improve sustainability n our societies, I found the profession intimidating and hectic. There are situations where a teacher has to work with ignorant students. The students do not want to study despite frequent motivations and reckoning from a teacher. Well, I want to help the students, one way or another, but the negative risks attached to teaching propels me to hate teaching.

I have a few things to change about myself. I believe in myself, and believing in yourself is the first step to confidence. I want to add confidence in myself by increasing exposure to the world and researching my dream career. The behavior on me I like most is wholeheartedness and a wall to lean on when anybody is feeling low. I usually get in touch easily with friends who are disappointed in one way or the other, but I normally advise them and give further advice.

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Bjørnarå, Helga Birgit, et al. “Is there such a thing as sustainable physical activity?.” Scandinavian journal of medicine & science in sports 27.3, 2017.

Skayannis, Pantoleon, Marios Goudas, and Petros Rodakinias. “Sustainable mobility and physical activity: a meaningful marriage.” Transportation research procedia 24, 2017.

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