Tourism Advertising Essay Sample

Published: 2018-07-18
Tourism Advertising Essay Sample
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Tourism Websites

Tourism websites have a lot of information concerning culture and heritage of a particular destination. Because of the revolution, this sector has proven to be one of the major sources of revenue for some countries. Therefore, the websites have information regarding the dressing code, the staple foods, the traditional music and dances. The websites have it that, every year, tourists from all over the world subscribe for cultural exhibition as one of their major areas of interest. According to the websites, cultural tourism has a lot of potential and can be enhanced with time.

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In my opinion, the websites have several target audiences. First, they portray messages that go directly to tourists themselves. This is because everything talked about is positive and enticing. Every tourist who gets to read the page finds out a little about the heritage and cultural practices of a particular community and goes out to find out more. Another audience is the regional government. Some of the websites and articles have talked about the larger potential and the possibility of expanding and developing the tourism sector. In addition, such projects have been termed as pathways to billions. Therefore, the government has a message being directed to it. Lastly, host communities also have message that urges them to co-exist and promote their culture in order to keep tourists coming.

In the websites and articles, host communities have been handled with care. We find that they are able to perform and represent their culture well. For this reason, they become as important as the tourists that come to watch what is presented. Nevertheless, the articles and websites talked about the welcoming nature of the host communities. The local communities treat the tourists with respect and care. One reason behind this is, keeping peace records clear and hospitality matters to the influx of tourists.

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