Why More People Love to Do Face Surgery. Essay Example.

Published: 2019-07-08
Why More People Love to Do Face Surgery. Essay Example.
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Face surgery, also termed as cosmetic/aesthetic surgery denotes a medical procedure that is aimed at altering, enhances, or restoring a face or a body of an individual. The facial surgery entails various procedures; for instance, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, liposuction among many more. The actions results to total transformation of a persons unwanted or normal appearance. Even though such procedures have numerous risks as many surgeons indicate, the phenomenon is seen to increase each and every year. Undeniably, a majority of individual undertaking the procedure und up getting worse appearance than their natural ones but many still go for the same. It is from that raison d'etre that this paper will endeavor at elucidating and giving further details as to why more people love to do face surgery notwithstanding the dangers.

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According to Adamson (21-35), every individual who wishes to have a face surgery ought to explain why they need the procedure to the surgeons. They do so with an aim of determining if it is possible as well as if one is suitable for the requested surgery. Adamson go on to note various motives that are stated by many clients. Eliminating signs of aging is one common motive clients give for wanting a facial surgery. Aging is a process that catches up with each and everyone at a particular time making the skin to loosen up allowing lines and wrinkles on the body (Adamson, 21-35). Nevertheless, since surgery procedures have the capability of reversing such signs of aging, it becomes the top motive for people opting for the procedure.

Spots scars on the face are another reason people present while pushing for a face lift. Evidently, young people with such scars portray low levels of confidence and self-esteem in their lives. The fact that they can be removed through the procedure becomes a motive for them and in most cases, they are eliminated something that boosts the much needed self-esteem (Waterhouse, 74-79). In case of very deep scars, the procedure would not remove them entirely but it will manage to make them less visible and option that is more welcomed by most clients.

Parallel to the exceeding motive is seeking to repair a skin that has been damaged by the sun. Even though the sun is good to the human skin, too much of it results to facial damage and it happens to the part that is more exposed to it. The UV rays that are produced by the sun are to blame for the damage as they result to premature aging as well as pigmented skin (Alagna, 12-23). Depending on the extend of the sun damage, it is a motive that propels many to seek a facial lift with some greater degree of success.

Finally, fixing a physical problem is equally an additional motive as to why the phenomenon of face lift is opted for and is on the increase each year. Physical problem brings a lot of discomfort on an individual and in case surgery is an option that can eliminate the issue, it becomes the better option for many. For instance, eyelid surgery also known as blepharoplasty can enhance an individuals vision while nasal surgery also termed as septoplasty enables one to breathe better and reduce snoring (Waterhouse, 74-79). From the exceeding elucidated motives, it is clear why the procedure is and will be on the increase each year.

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