Free Essay Sample on Personal Effectiveness

Published: 2019-08-30
Free Essay Sample on Personal Effectiveness
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November 22, 2015

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It is already a Thanksgiving and I am very excited as the holidays are here. I do love fall and for that matter, I am very excited to be going back home. I have bought a dog and I am so excited to build a keel myself and introduce him to my family. His name is Scooby. I miss my mothers cooking and the tranquility of being with family. I am a little concerned about my sister, Vivian though. Lately she has had problems with maintaining her job and she seems to be undergoing depression. Over the years, this has remained to be my best holiday as we meet as a family and it is all about family. Even though, this year I cannot wait for the holiday to be over.

November 23, 2015

Toddy was the day I had long awaited for. I made Scoobys kennel today. I wake up early in the morning we went for family shopping, altogether where we bought gifts and stuff we needed. Even though it was traditional it was also very exciting and full of fun. At the store, I purchased all the equipment that I needed for the construction. As soon as we were back home, I embarked on my construction, while the other family members were having fun as they prepared dinner. I am very sure that at the end of the day, I positively influenced my sister on taking her job more seriously no matter how dirty or tedious it may seem because nothing is ever easy. I constructed perfect kennel and I am content that Scooby will not have to sleep in the cold and at the same time I have refreshed my skills on construction.

November 27, 2015

I have not written for days as I have been occupied with family. We were all talking about our experiences of the year and our accomplishments. Vivian seemed sad because we all had something exciting to talk about even though she did not want to contribute. The days have been shorter especially when the fun was over and everyone was getting in the holiday mood. I had a cha with Vivian as I wanted to know what the case of job maintenance could be. Vivian seemed troubled about her job description as she is not comfortable in what she is doing. This is going to be a real problem as that is the course which my sister studied in the university. I advised her to seek on some other options so that she may be able to achieve her dreams and fulfill her goals. The family moment was very exciting and I cannot wait to do this again. Scooby has already adapted to his new home and is also having fun, and that really matters to me.

November 28, 2015

We made plans in regard to Christmas. I suggested we have an epic where that is full of adventure instead of being home, unlike the other years. This would be important especially for Vivian as she ill have room to figure out what she really wants from a different environment. Scooby loves the outdoor too and being together as a family would be really awesome. Later on we went to the beach with Scooby where I met some old friends of mine and we caught up over the first few years. Vivian was present and she felt bothered by their successes. Al though, to me it was a good experience as she would be motivated by the experiences that my classmates had. Vivian was moved by one of my old fiend Danny who stated Life is not that simple and one has to start from somewhere in order to get o he top. When I left college, I had high expectations that I would get a good job, buy a nice house and a fancy car. Al though, my mere dreams were short lived by reality. When I went to the city, I did not get a good job immediately. I had to sweep floors and clean tables in order to earn a living, but here I am today, a prominent sales person and I can now live my dream,.. The day was well spent with Scooby, my cousins, my sister and I and I am glad that at the end of the day, she is embracing and gathering herself up. I believe that me coming home has given her a sense of direction and Vivian is willing to work in order to become better.

November 29, 2016

We visited a children home where we encouraged them and simply had a good time with them. It was inspiring to hear the dreams of the little souls. I had a motivational talk with them and advised them to focus on their dreams and work towards achieving them. I was happy because I had made many children smile on this day and I am feeling blessed as I have been able to share with them something that might keep them motivated in life. I cannot get enough of this holiday already.

Personal effectiveness is a self-help movement branch that deals with goals success and concepts that relate to that. Personal effectiveness amalgamates some ideas from positive psychology and the power of positive thinking. Since personality is a set of attitudes, emotions and behaviors they are what set people differences from each other over time. The ancient Greeks affirmed that the personality of a person depends on the type of humor, or fluid that is most prevalent in their bodies. They categorized the human personality in four humors which are phlegm, blood, yellow bile and black bile. The peoples personality were further categorized as sanguine for the blood who are passionate and cheerful, the phlegmatic which is the phlegm that is unemotional and dull, third is the choleric who are yellow bile. They are really hot tempered and angry. Lastly is the melancholic which is the black bile. The characteristics entail individuals that are usually depressed and unhappy (Given 12).

Personal Effectiveness: A Guide to Action by Winstnley emphasizes personal effectiveness. Most of the context in the book expresses what we have learnt in class. People who are personally effective are those who get what thy want. They possess two qualities: first, they make proper use of their immediate resources and second, they are also very effective in the sills they employ in achieving their goals. Being effective means that and person has to have a combination of skill execution and efficiency. Each and every person is different when it comes to being personally effective because everyone has different priorities, values and goals. Communicators, who are skilled for example, can be very effective in quite a number of ways depending on what it is that they would like to achieve. In case they want to influence and marvel a large audience, they should also have proper and refined presentation skills (Odiorne 27).

A personally effective individual usually have goals which might involve, influencing people, advancement in career, earning lots of money, making friendships and maintaining them, getting work done with very high quality standards, becoming a professional in their related field and finally, earning respect from people around. For anyone that is personally effective, they at all times make proper use of their skills. The apply them and use them to achieve their goals in a manner that is cost effective, at the same time efficient. In order for one to be personally effective, they have to start with clarification of priorities, values and goals. Confidence is a paramount in effective personality. It is difficult to be effective if one is not confidence. The confidence we have grows when we act to our strengths and further have an attitude of confidence towards the role (Given 33).

Personal effectiveness is not a matter of who we are but how we see ourselves its a matter of perception and transformation. It is important that an individual to say positive things to themselves. Self-criticizing is a bad trait and it should be replaced with positive thoughts where a person is supposed to remind themselves of the good and quality aspects. It is also important that as persons, we watch who we compare ourselves to. It is important to have role models although, it does one no good beating yourself up in case you cannot be like that person. It is important to always choose role models that are realistic and do not compare what other people are doing which is not as good as what you are doing. According to Winstanley (45), some individuals do compare to defeat themselves. This leads them to feeling insecure and bad about them and they eventually lash it out on everyone around them. The best yet easiest way for an individual to raise themselves up is by beginning to do things that are positive and nice for other people. After a short while, you will begin feeling better about yourself and from that point one is now able of challenging themselves further with complex tasks. Regular reviews are important as one will be able to appreciate and celebrate their individual effort which leads to success. In order for personal effectiveness to be termed as accomplished, an individual has to go out of their comfort zone in order to achieve maximum expectations. In addition to that, it is paramount that an individual develops positive relationships and positive attitudes in all the activities. This will enable that individual to be able to achieve the greatest aspect of personal effectiveness. Personal effectiveness can be developed and improves on influencing skills, assertiveness and communication skills (Winstanley 58).

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